Coulsdon roads campaigner Morgan is kicked out of UKIP

To be kicked out of one right-wing party is unfortunate. But Coulsdon agitator Peter Morgan has now been expelled from two such political groups.

Peter Morgan: kicked out of UKIP

Peter Morgan: kicked out of UKIP

According to a lawyer from UKIP, Morgan has had his membership of  that party “rescinded”.

This follows Morgan’s suspension, and eventual expulsion, from the Croydon Conservatives – for being a member of another political party (so Morgan could probably re-join the Tories now…).

Morgan’s exit from UKIP is the latest sign of a deepening rift in that party in south London. The split has been festering for some time between Peter Staveley, the chairman of their local party in Croydon Central and South, and Winston McKenzie, the serial election loser, ex-boxer and ex-bar owner who was removed as the chairman of UKIP Croydon North and Lambeth amid allegations of mismanagement and incompetence.

Paul Oakley, a failed parliamentary and European election candidate who describes himself as “UKIP London Regional Organiser appointed by the Party Chairman”, contacted Inside Croydon over the weekend in an attempt to distance his party from Morgan and a local campaign opposing the introduction of 20mph zones on residential streets in the north of Croydon.

Morgan is thought to be behind a myriad of anonymous Twitter accounts – many purporting to be on behalf of UKIP – and hundreds, if not thousands, of SayNoto20 posters and stickers which have been fly-posted, often unlawfully, around parts of the borough.

Earlier this year Staveley was forced to issue an apology for what he called Morgan’s “crass” actions, when he and two other UKIP members, Janet Stollery and Emmanuel Ehirim, put in the call for a council by-election to be held, without waiting for a recently deceased councillor to have his funeral.

Amid the controversy over McKenzie’s handling of party matters, Morgan had his UKIP membership suspended and was banned from attending local party meetings. According to Staveley, Morgan was “a disruptive influence”. Now, he is no longer a UKIP member.

The mind boggles as to what someone needs to do to be kicked out of UKIP – the party infamously described by David Cameron as a “bunch of fruitcakes and loonies and closet racists”.

Oakley refused to answer any questions about the circumstances of Morgan’s expulsion from UKIP. Nor would he provide the date when Morgan was removed from the party, beyond a vague reference to “some weeks ago”. Morgan has been campaigning against the 20mph policy for most of the past year, since Labour took control of Croydon Council with the scheme as a manifesto commitment. So it seems likely that Morgan will have been conducting his campaign while he was still a UKIP member.

“UKIP have not the slightest idea whether or not Mr Morgan is responsible…” for the anti-20mph zone campaign, Oakley told Inside Croydon.

UKIP has run prominent anti-20mph campaigns elsewhere in the country when local authorities have looked to introduce such schemes in an effort to reduce road accidents.

Morgan claims to represent the Alliance of British Drivers and is also an active member of the Croydon Communities [sic] Consortium, or CCC, another controversial group which is refusing to return thousands of pounds of public money it received as a grant from Croydon Council towards staging apolitical meetings, and which has provided Morgan with a platform for his anti-20mph zone campaign.

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12 Responses to Coulsdon roads campaigner Morgan is kicked out of UKIP

  1. One of the great joys and pleasures of the last few weeks has been watching the slow and steady implosion of UKIP both locally and nationally. Sometimes the world does seem a logical place, not often but now and then and one should be happy for that!

  2. I’m a member of UKIP and proud of it. There are people in every political party who bring their parties into disrepute and UKIP is quick to boot out any member who is found to have done so.

    Little attention is paid of course to other parties which jettison or tolerate their ‘bad apples’, many of which float to the top and get into all sorts of scrapes and trouble.

    Chris Huhne, Lord Taylor, Jeffrey Archer, plus a good many others, not members of UKIP. Oh dearie me no ! Each and every one spending time enjoying Her Majesty’s Hospitality banged up in clink.
    Did I say ‘banged up’ ? Perhaps I was mistaken, as some of them were reported to have had cushy numbers inside or outside ‘open’ prisons, which sounds rather a ‘doddle’.

    There are a good many present and former MPs plus a good few peers throughout the parties of ‘the Gang of Three’, who managed to avoid getting ‘banged up’, as a result of their ‘accounting mistakes’ which resulted in some of them having to return more than a few shillings, which they’d overcharged we poor old taxpayers. Bless my soul, I remember Hazel Blears made a lovely picture as she smiled so nicely whilst handing over her cheque for, I forget just how many thousand quid was it ? The total sum escapes me, but it was over thirty grand I believe. (Thank you Mrs Blears and I’m sorry to hear you have difficulty with your sums !).

    So show me a rogue in my party Arno and I’ll show you one in yours, plus several more in the other parties of course.

    Meanwhile, I look forward to meeting you and I promise to leave my horns and forked tail at home.

    Kind regards to you and yours, as well as to all who read this..

    Lomond Handley
    Former Kenley resident.

    • Nick Davies says:

      You’re hardy likely to say you’re a member of UKIP and ashamed of it, though you might as well.

      Justifying what goes on now by harking back to the expenses scandal six years ago is pretty weak stuff. It’s a good job UKIP never had any MPs able to make dodgy expenses claims. If they had, you can be 100% certain some of them would have. What you are really saying is everyone is at it and you are no better than the rest.

      You would more readily advance your cause by engaging with the subject at hand and telling us how UKIP will move on rather than dwelling on the failings of others.

  3. If one could bottle Peter’s enthusiasm and energy you would be rich.

  4. arnorab says:

    I feel terribly misjudged by Lomond Handley. All I said was that I was happy to see UKIP implode. I feel the same way about the Conservatives…..methinks the Lomond protests too much!
    Such over- sensitivity is perhaps a symptom of insecurity.

  5. mraemiller says:

    He is in the ABD and according to their internal newsletters was a Surrey organiser …amazing a man with some sticky labls can wind you up so much. Funny the number of things you seem to find ukip infiltrating. I expect you will find ukip under the bed next

  6. davidjl2014 says:

    Cameron ate his words after being defeated in the Euro Elections didn’t he, and went on to counter act upon UKIP’s policies by watering some of them down to call his own at the General Election. Yes, “Mr Slippery” is very worried indeed about UKIP, so much so he’s trying to re-negotiate our EU membership. This would never have happened without ballot box pressure from UKIP after those Euro elections that set alarm bells ringing in Tory headquarters. As far as Croydon is concerned though, UKIP are a million miles away from becoming any sort of political force in the borough, which is why I cannot understand such attention is being given to them. Nobody really cares less (or do they?).

  7. I don’t feel in the least insecure and I speak as I find.

    I leave those who live and work in the area and who have interests and present involvements in it to make the judgements and my main point was to remind readers that there are good, not so good and bad aspects of and in every political party as well as those who don’t support any party, just as there are bullspitters and mountebanks as well, which infest every political group
    Party politics have brought this country to its knees.

    I despise racism in all its obtuse and repulsive forms and last Summer I discovered a despicable example of anti-Semitism in a publication where I live in the South West of England, which was publicly displayed in my local NHS hospital and which contained a sick and twisted reference to concentration camps in its jokes page.

    I reported it to the police, who appear to have failed to take any action, as well as a number of councillors from all parties throughout ‘the Gang of Three, all of who have done ‘Sweet Felicity Arkwright’. in response to my concerns.

    What’s more, the organisation whose anonymous editor published that sick and twisted joke about concentration camps, which received funding and sponsorship from two charities, continues to receive even more dosh with which to produce its blurbs.

    I’ll keep readers posted regarding what action if any is taken by those entrusted and expected to apply their minds and engage what brains they have to combat racism including anti-Semitism, but whose inaction leaves me in no doubt that anti-Semitism is unfortunately alive and well in the South West of England and those of us who challenge or object to it are likely to be ignored or singled out for victimisation by being branded as ‘troublemakers’.

    Watch this space, folks…….

    Meanwhile, kind regards to one and all and apologies for any typographical or spelling errors, due to my poor sight.

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