Ex-UKIP candidate calls for vigilantes to wipe out ‘vermin’

A member of the Conservative Party, who was a General Election candidate in a south London constituency just six months ago, has called for mass vigilantism across Europe and for people to take up firearms and “pre-emptively cleanse the UK of all the vermin“.

What a banker: Przemek Skwirczynski

Call to arms: Przemek Skwirczynski is a Tory Party member who wants mass vigilantism

Sometime Purley resident Przemek Skwirczynski has only recently rejoined the Conservative Party, according to the Commentator, the right-wing website, for whom he is a frequent contributor.

Before signing up with the Tories, Skwirczynski had been a prominent member of UKIP and was that party’s candidate in the 2014 council elections in Croydon, standing in Norbury ward. He stood for election for Nigel Farage’s party again last May, as their Parliamentary candidate in Tooting where Sadiq Khan is the MP.

But in October this year, Skwirczynski was a candidate in the Polish elections for the far-right KORWiN party. KORWiN’s party leader is Janusz Korwin-Mikke, who is notorious as a Hitler apologist and Holocaust denier.

Since the Paris mass-killings last month, Skwirczynski has used social media to call for “mass access to firearms across Europe”, and said that “vigilantism has to be decriminalised so that we can take pre-emptive action against our enemies who live within our societies”. He also expressed the hope that “France will lead the way in stamping out their vermin”.

We get an idea of who Skwirczynski has in mind as “vermin” in a further posting on his Facebook profile. Responding to an article on the Breitbart website about a conference of Muslims being held in Bedford, Skwirczynski wrote that with access to firearms “… any patriotic citizen would have been able to pre-emptively cleanse the UK of all the vermin attending this conference last night at no infringement to his/her own liberties”.

According to Przemek Skwirczynski, arming vigilantes is the answer to the terror threat

According to Skwirczynski, arming vigilantes is the answer to the terror threat

In other posts, the trigger-happy City banker has suggested that citizens could act as licensed “bounty hunters”, and he has also said, “The law needs to change to allow for traitors to be liquidated by citizens before they do any damage.”

And Skwirczynski has posted: “I think that given most of the Islamic fundamentalists and potential terrorists are known to the police/special services, such lists could be shared (just as paedo registers are), so that they could be popped off.”

Skwirczynski’s calls for people to be “liquidated” or “popped off” might be seen to be an incitement to murder, as well as inciting racial or religious hatred, according to Inside Croydon‘s resident legal team. “There’s a complication in that he’s calling for a change in the law to allow for ‘pre-emptive liquidation’, something which it’s inconceivable that any sane Government would ever agree to,” said our lawyers.

The ex-UKIP, now Tory Party member wanted to be legally allowed to "pre-emptively" attack a meeting in Bedford

The ex-UKIP, now Tory Party member wants to be allowed legally to “pre-emptively cleanse” a meeting in Bedford

This is not the first time that Skwirczynski has made inflammatory or highly questionable statements and tried to pass them off as respectable political debate.

Last year, when he was still a card-carrying member of UKIP, Skwirczynski happily posed for pictures with Janusz Korwin-Mikke, who at various times has stated that Hitler probably knew nothing of the Holocaust, that women are too stupid to vote, and that anyone who makes a donation to the unemployed deserves to have their hand cut off.

Challenged about the association with the Polish far-right group and the bigoted views of its leader, Skwirczynski tried to play down the significance of his meeting with Korwin-Mikke, suggesting that it was nothing more than a photo taken at a social occasion. Within a year, Skwirczynski was an election candidate in the KORWiN party.

Purley UKIP member Przemek Skwirczynski seems happy enough consorting with the Polish bigot,

Przemek Skwirczynski, left, seems happy enough consorting with the Polish bigot, Janusz Korwin-Mikke

But he didn’t get elected in the Polish elections in October, much like he has proved to be unelectable when on the ballot paper in south London in the last 18 months.

With the enthusiastic support of Winston McKenzie, who was then his local party chairman, Skwirczynski stood as UKIP’s candidate in Norbury ward in the 2014 local elections, when he polled (no pun intended) a grand total of 356 votes. At this year’s General Election, Skwirczynski lost his deposit, finishing fifth and last of the five candidates in Tooting.

Until last year, Skwirczynski was a resident of Purley, in true-blue Croydon Tory heartland, living in a £450,000 detached house on Lower Barn Road. The home was put up for sale in July 2014.

Joining the Conservatives represents something of a return for Skwirczynski, who in 2012 encouraged his fellow Polish immigrants to vote for Boris Johnson at the London Mayoral elections.

Skwirczynski’s visit to Poland in October 2014 may have been significant for UKIP. The visit was about a month before Korwin-Mikke’s party cut a deal in Strasbourg with UKIP which saw one of their MEPs, Robert Iwaszkiewicz, join the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy grouping.

To qualify for funding in the European Parliament, each political group needs to have at least 25 MEPs, drawn from at least seven member states.

The official Polish government website shows that south Londoner Swirczynski is unelectable in Poland as well as Britain. Which must be a bit of a relief to us all

The official Polish government website shows that south Londoner Skwirczynski is unelectable in Poland as well as Britain. Which must be a bit of a relief to us all

The deal with what is now called KORWiN gave EFDD its international quorum and so  ensured UKIP could received £1 million funding from Europe. Although he got his funding deal by teaming up with KORWIiN’s party, UKIP leader Nigel Farage has described Korwin-Mikke as “utterly reprehensible”. Farage also said he had never met his fellow MEP.

Despite clearly having been a KORWiN candidate on the electoral “list” system in the Polish elections, Skwirczynski – now a member of the Conservative Party here in Britain – appears to have gone all coy again about his relationship with the party led by a Hitler apologist.

Writing a lengthy piece about the outcome of the Polish elections in the Commentator, Skwirczynski said, “Unfortunately, the exclusively libertarian and eurosceptic KORWiN party narrowly missed the 5 per cent threshold for parliamentary representation”, meaning that his Holocaust-denying mate Korwin-Mikke has got no one in the Polish parliament.

No where in the article did Skwirczynski bother to mention that he had been a KORWiN candidate.

Perhaps he forgot, or perhaps he doesn’t want any of his new Tory mates to find out? Oh well, bit late now…

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