#BackZacAndCrack to stage secret rave in Croydon this week

Local MP Chris Philp is organising a rave this week for his mate, Old Etonian millionaire Zac Goldsmith.

Zac Goldsmith: wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth, more an entire set of cutlery

Zac Goldsmith: Coming to Croydon this Thursday. But where?

Property fund expert Philp has been very busy lately, since being elected as MP to represent the people of Croydon South last May.

But not as busy as he has been in campaigning for himself and his chums in the Conservative Party.

Backbencher Philp ensured he fulfilled his role as lobby fodder last week, voting with a party whip organised by Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell to take £30 a week in benefits off disabled people. Goldsmith helped to vote through the measure, too, even though he’s supposed to be a patron of a charity for disabled people.

Outside parliamentary matters, Philp’s been busier still, though, drafting pamphlets for the ultra-right-wing Taxpayers’ Alliance on a scheme called Workfare, an uber-Thatcherite policy which will see benefits withdrawn from millions more.

And this weekend, Philp’s been sending out emails to people on the local Tory database, inviting them to come along to a party rally with the Conservatives’ candidate for London Mayor.

It’s all a bit hush-hush, though, as if it is some illegal rave being organised by shady characters, and where there will be too much Colombian marching powder available. Very Breaking Bad.

“Location details will … be shared with you in due course,” Philp’s email states, in a sort of knowing whisper. “We hope you can come along.”

Zac letter

Chris Philp’s latest email to a select list of his supporters: the Croydon South MP has been busy campaigning, and voting to cut disability benefits

It’s a good job it’s this Thursday, the day after Tory Chancellor Osborne’s Budget, where man-of-the-people Gideon is expected to lavish even more tax breaks on the well-to-do – people like #BackZacAndCrack and Philp. Maybe Osborne will get along to Croydon to join in the rave?

If you want to register to find out where this spiffing Tory Party party is taking place, then follow the directions in Philp’s email: “To register to attend, please just email townhall@backzac2016.com with your name and address.”

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5 Responses to #BackZacAndCrack to stage secret rave in Croydon this week

  1. Looking at the e-mail address for registering is the meet up in the Town Hall?

  2. farmersboy says:

    I got an invite, so it can’t be that exclusive.

    Which charity does Goldsmith claim to be patron of? Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) are compiling a database of all the hypocritical MPs who attack disabled people

  3. The charity that both George Osborne and Zac Goldsmith support fervently is called Conservatives Rally Around Plutocrats.

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