Tory mayoral hopeful apologises for email blunder – by email

Whoops: polite apology from Goldsmith

Whoops: polite apology from Zac Goldsmith

Old Etonian millionaire Zac Goldsmith, the Tories’ candidate for London Mayor, has this afternoon been forced to issue an apology to more than 50 Croydon residents as a result of his campaign team’s blundering, as reported this morning by Inside Croydon.

Goldsmith’s apology, apparently sent to all those whose email addresses were exposed to other applicants to attend today’s Tory rally for their Mayoral candidate, was curt and to the point.

Goldsmith blames “an administrative error” for the balls-up. Doubtless some unpaid intern on the #BackZacAndCrack campaign team will be given a typically Tory “beasting” as a consequence.

Sent at 3.43pm, Goldsmith wrote:

“Good afternoon,

“I wanted to write to apologise that your email address was accidentally copied in an email, due to an administrative error. I sincerely apologise.

“If you have any further questions, please do reply to this email.

“Best wishes, Zac”.

At least all those who had their emails distributed without their permission now have an email address for Goldsmith himself:

The Goldsmith apology email. An admission of the error which will be useful for those complaining to the Information Commissioner

The Goldsmith apology email. An admission of the error which will be useful for those complaining to the Information Commissioner

Inside Croydon understands that Croydon Tories’ Goldsmith meeting, at Clyde Hall, Addiscombe from 5pm today, is to be subject to a protest by DPAC – the Disabled People Against Cuts.

They are angry that Goldsmith, the MP for Richmond and the patron of a Richmond disability charity, voted along party lines last week for a £30 cut in disability benefits. As did Chris Philp and Gavin Barwell, the Conservative MPs for Croydon South and Croydon Central respectively, who are also expected to be attended this evening’s cosy little gathering.

Zac Goldsmith’s personal wealth is estimated to be £300million, most of it inherited.


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One Response to Tory mayoral hopeful apologises for email blunder – by email

  1. I’m much more concerned about the divisive nature of Zac’s campaigning, e.g. his leaflets about “standing up for British Indians” (defined as Hindus) and “standing up for the Sikh and Punjab community” while allowing his Facebook pages to be peppered with racist slurs against Sadiq Khan in particular and Muslims in general.

    Add to that his recent voting in parliament to cut disability benefits and tax credits for the poor, it shows that if Zac becomes Mayor, he’ll continue Boris’s buffoonery and Cameron and Osborne’s experiment to dismantle the welfare state while apeing Donald Trump’s fascist tendencies.

    Londoners be warned.


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