BBC producers seek family to go Back In Time

Back in Time

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  1. davidjl2014 says:

    And talking about what we eat. Watch Saturday Kitchen and see how much advertising goes on. Wines openly credited from big businesses like Waitrose, Majestic, Asda, you name it. Celebrity Chefs advertising their restaurants and books. Guests advertising their shows, concerts and merchandise. The BBC does more advertising every hour it broadcasts than ITV does in an entire evening. Yet we still have to pay for a TV licence whether we watch it or not. To add insult to injury BBC employees are threatening to go on strike because their meal allowances have been reduced due to forthcoming government cut backs. The whole corporation will never recover for promoting people like Jimmy Savile, Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris, yet are still, to this day, reluctant to tell the truth about their behaviour. It’s a complete waste of tax payers money, a dinosaur business, that will eventually disappear like Woolworths did for supplying the public with junk they asked them to pay for. Difference here though is we have no choice!
    Final observation: Does Gary Lineker really earn over £400,000 a year working for the BBC? My guess is, we’ll never know.

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