Amazon is parking a dirty problem on residential streets

Christmas must be coming, the goose is getting fat, and van drivers for tax-dodging Amazon are already starting to take the piss.

Amazon UK Distribution CentreAmazon has a large distribution depot in Croydon, on Queensway, just off the Purley Way. It receives bulk stock by articulated lorries every day, and has dozens of unmarked white vans scuttling backwards and forwards to make individual deliveries across south London. The depot has extensive parking bay space outside.

But the depot’s parking spaces do not seem to be enough, or convenient enough, for some Amazon drivers, with residents living nearby already noticing that as the festive season approaches, their streets are being used increasingly by Amazon vans waiting to get into the depot. And some drivers, observed as being in delivery vans, are even leaving pre-Christmas “presents” for the locals, including urine-filled bottles which they drop from their vehicles.

Amazon customers’ orders are usually transported to the Croydon depot overnight from their Milton Keynes warehouse. Rather than staggering its local delivery drivers’ collection times across the morning, the vans appear to be told to turn up for their loads all at the same time.

Queues, often of more than 30 white vans to collect their parcels for deliveries, are snaking out of the depot on to the industrial estate’s roads each morning.

The situation has been made worse just across the borough boundary in Wallington, where what Inside Croydon‘s loyal reader describes as “Sutton Council’s double yellow line frenzy” on roads off Godalming Avenue has forced the delivery drivers to seek out parking spaces on residential streets elsewhere.

Mid-morning at Croydon's Amazon distribution depot. Dozens of white vans park up on nearby streets each day as they way for their collection times

Mid-morning at Croydon’s Amazon distribution depot. Dozens of white vans park up on nearby streets each day as they way for their collection times

The parking restrictions were opposed by dozens of residents, but their objections ignored by Sutton Council.

“Amazon cannot fit all the vans in their distribution depot, so they park in our road as well, adding to the problem,” according to one resident.

“I am concerned with the approach of Christmas and the increased number of deliveries.

“Last year was a complete nightmare with all white vans taking up residential parking from 7am until 11am, seven days a week.

“Some of the drivers have been chucking their litter out of their windows. It has become very dirty, even with bottles with urine thrown out of their windows.  It is increasingly becoming a very noisy, littered and health hazard area.”

The resident has recently had a knee operation and has a disabled father, so being able to park close to their home is quite important for them. “I dread going out as I never know if I will be able to get back into my road to park to unload shopping. It is stressful to think we will not be able to park on my own street.

“I have lived here for 25 years and raised my family very happily. This is the first time I have thought about moving as the parking problems are causing arguments and resentments among neighbours. It could all be resolved with a little bit of influence and co-operation from our council.”

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  1. arnorab says:

    We love Amazon…but, to coin a cliche, there is no gain without pain. Most mornings Amazon drivers also fill up much of the parking space at the Colonnades, in front of the Nuffield Gym, and Costa Coffee off Purley Way while awaiting the call from on high. Its free at the moment but I am sure that because of the freeloading by Genus Amazonia Whitevanman there will soon be measures to curb parking and that will irritate a lot of people and cause a lot of anger toward Amazon.

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