Busy Barwell says he’s too important for constituency matters

Gavin Barwell: has he done the decent thing? Or been told to do so?

Gavin Barwell: struggling to cope with his workload

Gaffe-prone Gavin Barwell, supposedly the MP for Croydon Central, has managed to demonstrate yet again that, above all else, he always puts his own personal ambition and political career first, ahead of his constituents.

Barwell missed the most recent debate in the House of Commons on the state of London’s railway services, the long-running dispute which has caused untold misery to tens of thousands of commuters.

When one of his constituents challenged Barwell about his absence from this important debate, asking via Twitter “why were you not in Parliament when such a key subject affecting your constituents was debated?”, Barwell had a ready reply.

“As Housing Minister, I couldn’t participate in that debate but I met with Rail Minister this week,” the all-too-busy Barwell responded.

This was confirmation that since being given junior ministerial responsibilities in the Department for Communities and Local Government in the government of the unelected Prime Minister, Theresa Maybe, Barwell just cannot cope with his workload and is far, far too busy with much more important matters – such as furthering his own career – than to be able to speak up for his constituents in Parliament.

This, though, is nothing new for the under-represented people of Croydon Central.

Barwell lets slip that he is far too busy with his ministerial duties to be able to represent his constituents

Barwell lets slip that he is far too busy with his ministerial duties to be able to represent his constituents

Career politician Barwell, who will be 45 tomorrow, was re-elected as an MP in 2015 with a majority of just 165 votes. For nearly three years, from October 2013, during his first term at Westminster, Barwell never spoke on behalf of his constituents in the House of Commons, as he had greater loyalty to the Conservative whips’ office, where he had been given a minor job by David Cameron.

Now, as minister for housing, planning and London, busy Barwell can be expected to be very quiet in the chamber of the House of Commons on the matters that matter to the people of Croydon Central.

At least, you may think, Barwell has a staff of around half a dozen, all paid for by the tax-payer and including two Croydon councillors (who receive a tidy second income as a result), to deal with all the MP’s casework from the “ordinary” people, some of whom may have even voted for him.

But even that does not guarantee constituents a reply to their questions.

Inside Croydon‘s loyal reader, animated about the issue of Southern Railways, was in touch this morning: “I shall be phoning Busy Barwell’s office on Monday for a surgery appointment. He will be fed up of me: I was there before Christmas about Southern because he doesn’t reply to emails.”

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3 Responses to Busy Barwell says he’s too important for constituency matters

  1. People are obviously making the mistake in thinking that their MP gives a shit about them or their concerns. The only time they show a feigned interest is if they have a small majority and an election is looming. The rest of the time it is all about self interest and hoping that the gravy train doesn’t get hit by strikes.

  2. We shouldn’t be unfair to Barwell. He hasn’t completely neglected the issue of Southern Rail. Don’t forget he organised that meeting in Croydon where he gave a platform to Peter Wilkinson (salary £260,000 pa), the notoriously right-wing civil servant who said he relished a battle with the rail unions. He also said that workers who didn’t accept his job-cutting “reforms” should “get the hell out of my industry”.

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