Gaffe-prone Gav’s back to the letter-writing in Downing Street

Politics correspondent KEN LEE notes how an ex-MP is still bumbling on in his new job as Theresa May’s arse-wiper

Yes, Prime Minister: according to Private Eye, gaffe-prone Gav has dropped his boss in it  again

Gone, but not forgotten.

Gavin Barwell may no longer be MP for Croydon Central, but his new job, as the power behind the throne at No10 Downing Street, continues to attract attention, and ridicule.

This week’s Private Eye puts it this way: “The noise of barrels being scraped…” so we know immediately gaffe-prone Gav must be involved “… can be heard emanating from No10 as the summer recess approaches.

“New Chief of Staff Gavin Barwell has sent out a letter…”, he likes a letter, does our Gav “… to every secretary of state asking their departments to come up with plans that can be announced that won’t need to go through Parliament when the House returns.”

Sly with it, too.

“Barwell wants media-friendly announcements that don’t require a Commons vote, which would test the Tories’ tiny working majority.”

It is at this point that Lord Gnome adds context.

“Now that the departments are being asked for suggestions instead of being told what to do (as they were under the old Nick Timothy/Fiona Hill regime), they are feeling emboldened, and are happy to ignore No10 as they work out where they stand in the wake of the disastrous Tory manifesto.”

So another Barwell masterstroke, then.

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  1. derekthrower says:

    All seems to be like the way that Gav handled the building safety regulations as Housing Minister. Completely incompetently.

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