Atlanta barbecue joint to heat up tired old East Croydon pub

The signs are going up outside the old Cricketers pub on Addiscombe Road: “Under New Attitude”.

Miss P’s Barbecue staff working hard to serve up their trademark dishes. They’ll soon have a permanent venue on Addiscombe Road

Miss P’s Barbecue, which until now has operated as a pop-up street food venture, has taken over the venue, not far from East Croydon Station.

A family business run by a newly married young couple, Annejaleen, or AJ, and Gianluca Ivaldi, it hopes to open by the middle of August, when it will be offering Atlanta-style barbequed food, cooked without the use of gas or electricity, in a custom-built backwoods piglet plus smoker, fuelled using only kiln-dried oak and Ogatan style charcoal.

“In true Atlanta style, we smoke a range of meats from pork, beef and chicken, to lamb and turkey,” Luca said.

“Our beef brisket is carefully sourced from a supplier in Kansas City. It comes from Black Angus cattle and is USDA certified as choice grade or higher. We believe that this is the only beef that gives us consistent and high quality results.

“The rest of our meat is sourced from within Europe and is Free Range.

“We accompany our smoked meats with traditional sides including barbecue beans and slaw. All of our rubs and sauces are homemade and designed to compliment our dishes.”

With wood and charcoal supplied from locally sourced, managed woodland by the London Log Company, the Miss P’s Barbecue team says, “We figured that, just like in Atlanta, we would use a species of wood that grows locally to us. It just so happens that for both Atlanta barbecue joints and for us, that species happens to be the almighty oak.”

Miss P’s has worked as a pop-up street food outlet since 2013

Miss P’s Barbecue has been operating for four years and has been featured on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, as well as numerous BBC programmes.

“After many years of street food, pub residencies and private catering, we have to decided to find a permanent home for ourselves and our business,” they say.

“Having both grown up and lived in the Croydon area, we decided that the Cricketers would be the best fit for us. We would like to bring something new and unique to the area, and have decided to renovate the inside of the pub.

“We plan to turn the Cricketers into a gastro pub that will open seven days per week and serve our food for six days of the week.”

Miss P’s Barbecue will stock craft beers from Meantime Brewery, American bourbons, world whiskies and, they promise, “serve some of the best barbecue in London”.

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4 Responses to Atlanta barbecue joint to heat up tired old East Croydon pub

  1. Lewis White says:

    All the best for success for the new Cricketers.
    Excellent to know that most of their meat will be free range European, although I wonder about the beef from the US. It seems heavy on the environment , to fly or ship it here, and I wonder about US animal welfare. Are these cattle raised on grass less or concrete yards called “feedlots”. ? UK cattle are all grass raised in the open air, and enjoy a good life until slaughter, which can’t be said for millions of US beef cattle. Maybe the Cricketers’ US beef will not be like this, I hope so.
    Setting this one query aside, I wish the new owners well in their enterprise.

    • Nick Davies says:

      Americans get a bit sensitive when you criticise their beef. They like to remind us of BSE, or foot and mouth, and point out that it is actually beef, rather than horse.

    • Hi Lewis,

      We get asked the: “Why US beef, not UK beef question a lot”.

      It just comes down to a matter of Culinary preference; I’ve been smoking beef brisket since 2013 and have tried beef from the UK, Australia, various south American countries, Canada and the USA, both grass and grain fed. Grass fed beef regardless of breed or provenance, does not stand up well to slow smoking over long (12 hr plus) periods of time, because its low intramuscular fat percentage leads to it drying out. Grain fed beef, especially from US reared Black Angus cattle, has a high proportion of intramuscular fat and stays moist even after the long cooking times I subject it to, and the end result is always far superior to long cooked grass fed beef.

      On the contrary, when I do quick cook, high heat, beef (steaks etc.), grass fed and EU sourced is my go to because the flavour of the beef, when cooked in this fashion, is unparalleled.

      On the welfare point, current supplier for USDA beef is Greater Omaha, who grain finish their cattle.

      This should answer any questions regarding welfare and such:

      Hope to see you soon after we open.



  2. Its going to make a nice change to the area….as long as people can find their way there via the odd one way streets!

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