BINMAGEDDON!: Let’s build a Christmas tree with old boxes

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Three months after the ‘changeover’ in rubbish contractor Veolia’s bin collection schedules, with new bins, smaller wheelies and recycling boxes which were supposed to be taken away, loyal reader KIRSTIE SMITH, right, has penned on open letter to the residents of Croydon

I’m sick to death of looking at our old recycling boxes.

I’ve now raised a complaint with the council after tweeting them to ask when they’d be collected and promised a date (it seems they’ve now deleted the tweet. Note to self: screen shot everything involving Croydon Council and Veolia in future).

Council promises to remove the recycling boxes it rendered redundant have yet to be fulfilled

I didn’t take our recycling boxes to the dump because, after originally saying that they would not remove the boxes, the council later – after a lot of public complaints about their failure to match their recycling words with their rubbish deeds – said that they would collect them.

Now, I can’t take them to the dump as I had an accident, am on crutches and cannot drive. Hubby doesn’t drive.

I’m not the only one with boxes, they are all down our street.

So, how about getting the community of Croydon together and building a Christmas tree in town with all the green boxes? 

We could call it “art”. An installation, if you like.

A quiet act of peaceful civic protest. We could all do it in the night, on Cost A Mint Walk, just outside Fisher’s Folly, so that none of us is accused of fly tipping.

They could be removed, come Boxing day…

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5 Responses to BINMAGEDDON!: Let’s build a Christmas tree with old boxes

  1. mikebweb says:

    How right you are! I have also written and complained and VIOLA get the blame for not taking them away, well, in fact, LBoC say they have taken them away, which we all know they haven’t! Have a look at the Addiscombe conservation area, specifically Clyde Road, it’s just a bin collection and conservation area – they are everywhere, on the pavement, near the pavement, in the pavement and they look awful, but what do LBoC care?

  2. blath8 says:

    Love the idea of creating ‘an installation’! Our bins sat out on the pavement for the two weeks we were given as collection dates, then a further 2 weeks while nothing happened except some kindly schoolchildren used them for their rubbish. Would have hoped that as plastic recycling is encouraged in Croydon, big plastic containers left where instructed would have been whisked away with glee :-).

  3. The Council asked us to leave them out from 22nd September and they would be taken away soon after. It’s now nearly two months later and the old recycling boxes are still sitting in our roads, and lots of others around Croydon. Why haven’t they taken them?

  4. What an utterly brilliant idea. And we could tastefully drape litter which would catch blowing down the street from our neighbours garden after their bin wasn’t collected because it was too full!

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