Buck makes sure MPs and councillors toe Brexit party line

WALTER CRONXITE, our political editor, on the earnest efforts being made by the local Labour party’s staffer to get everyone on message over Brexit

Croydon’s Labour party ‘organiser’ Jack Buck: critical of members who want a second referendum

Jack Buck, hired by Croydon Labour as their borough organiser, has been speaking out against bourgeois types who have called for a “People’s Vote” on Brexit and who have been criticising the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for wanting to apply a conference decision and respect the result of the 2016 EU referendum.

Buck’s brave message comes shortly after Croydon council’s Blairite leadership had a big moan about Brexit, even spending public money to have council staff writing a report on Britain’s exit from the EU for council leader Tony Newman and his cabinet.

Buck is a busy type. As well as his salaried party campaign organiser role, based in the office of Croydon Central MP Sarah Jones, since May Buck has also been a hard-working local councillor, for Faraday ward in his home borough of Southwark. Yet he still manages to find the time to be a frequent correspondent for The New Socialist, where he says he sees capitalism failing the “working class and diverse community” that he represents.

With the weekend media reporting that Corbyn would want a Labour government to deliver a better Brexit, rather than a second referendum on the EU, Buck dismisses those upset by Corbyn’s acceptance of the 2016 result.

“Bored of the faux outrage from people reacting to Jeremy Corbyn stating Labour Brexit policy – as if its new or undemocratic,” Buck announced on social media.

He also sees the advantages of a country free to pursue socialist policy to try to tackle growing inequality feeling that, “A deal that protects our economy, resolves withdrawal issues and allows us to address economic inequality is the only solution in the national interest.”

Buck provides evidence of his scientific street survey showing disinterest in Brexit

Buck has spoken out previously against Neil Coyle, the Blairite MP for Bermondsey, for trying to push Corbyn into an ill-timed, and pointless, motion of no confidence in the government. Buck finds that what he describes as his Southwark working class residents putting other, more pressing issues ahead of what Buck sees as “the Brexit malaise”.

After conducting a vox pop street analysis of people’s issues, Buck has found that it is “Universal credit, the NHS, and social housing” that are real people’s real concerns. “These issues can only be addressed with a Labour government,” Buck says.

Buck makes Labour’s policy on a second referendum clear, whatever grumbling Blairite  MPs and councillors might want. “I’d add a second Brexit referendum is not and never has been Labour policy,” Buck tweeted, with emphasis.

“It is an option which hasn’t been specifically ruled out by our democratic conference. That makes it neither inevitable nor preferable, just not impossible.”

Despite such ardent efforts to get his party colleagues on message, Buck probably needs to do a bit more work with Lambeth South’s Progress MP Steve Reed OBE.

Ignoring Buck’s sound advice on the topic, perhaps from his home in the Shirley Hills, Reed still retweeted David Lammy’s lament that, “Denying the public the #FinalSay a clear majority want would be a democratic failure – and it could destroy young people’s trust in our political system for a generation.”

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