Step out to help raise funds for Mayday children’s cancer unit

Sunday May 5 is the date set for the first large-scale fundraiser for The Lily Pad Appeal, which is trying to raise £750,000 for a state-of-the-art children’s oncology unit as part of the new Integrated Paediatric Village at Mayday, Croydon University Hospital.

With outdated, restrictive layout and facilities, Croydon’s Acute Paediatric Services are now in urgent need of modernisation to ensure they can deliver high-quality, safe, effective care compliant with regional and national standards and meet the steeply increasing demand.

Dr Nnenna Osuji, the medical director at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, said: “The new oncology unit will be an extremely important feature used by our young patients who are dealing with cancer and help smooth the difficult path they face during years of treatment. We really hope the people of Croydon will support us to help us reach the £750,000 target.”

With two years to raise the £750,000 needed to allow this critical redevelopment project to go ahead, The Lily Pad Appeal is looking to the people of Croydon to walk in support of our young people and create the groundswell we need to bring other funders and investors on board.

Lloyd Park will play host to hundreds of people of all ages stepping out to show their commitment to young people, to upgrading their local hospital and to ensuring we have paediatric services and children’s cancer care that Croydon can be proud of.

It costs £5 per person to register for the event, with proceeds going towards that daunting target. “Every step you take gets the seriously ill children in Croydon closer to the facilities they deserve,” the organisers say.

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  1. isantoinette says:

    Shocking that the executive of the trust is asking for volunteers to raise this money which should already be available for vital local services. We pay NI & taxes to fund the NHS. I pay on average £800 a month tax & NI. NHS Trust executives are in post to ensure that the hospitals run & have adequate funding & to petition central govt where extra find a are needed. This is another NHS executive betrayal of patients in need & taxpayers. They are aiding ^ abetting funding cuts & then expect the people who pay their dues to go out & slog to make up the shortfall that shouldn’t exist, but it does, because our taxes are spent on giving tax breaks to big corporations, the super rich & the 1%. Us taxpayers also pay the NHS executives fat cat wages. For what? To be stitched up over & over again? Enough already. South London’s sick kids need that new cancer unit but the question is why never be overpaid executive allowed the existing one to fall to wreck & ruin when they are paid to deliver world class health services? I’m so angry that so many are paid so much to hasten the ruin of all that is Great about Britain. Thank heaven for our doctors & nurses who try to help the sick in dreadful conditions. It shouldn’t be, this is a wealthy nation but the people do not see the fruits of the dues they pay.

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