What A Waste, art from rubbish, Museum of Croydon, to Nov 9


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1 Response to What A Waste, art from rubbish, Museum of Croydon, to Nov 9

  1. Lewis White says:

    I will go and look at the exhibition.

    Anything that raises consciousness about the effect of rubbish and other pollution in the environment msut be good , surely?

    The trouble is that I am fed up with environmental side shows.

    I am now only interested in the main event — real action to STOP production of un-recyclable products, or that flagrant outrage “currently not recycled” that is seen on countless packages of food and consumer packaging. Polystyrene is an obvous one– and whilst I must give massive credit to companies who no longer pack things like radios and TV’s in polystyrene, using anti-crush cardboard instead, how often does one see pristine white slabs of polystyrene in the “not recycled” skips down at the Croydon recycling centres? These slabs are always squeaky clean. Surely they can be recycled???

    When at the Museum I will pop in the cafe and look at the crisps and the cups. It will be 99% likely that the crisps are in plastic/foil, one of the ultimate everlasting packaging types that blights our countryside. This is one type of material that should be banned.

    At long last, some UK supermarkets seem to be addressing the packaging nightmare.
    It’s the UK Government that needs a kick up the backside on this . Their action to date is feeble. Will it get better , post Brexit?

    And it will help if Croydon and the other South West London Waste Partners takes action to promote waste minimisation, not burning waste in the Beddington incinerator. The stench of the fumes is not just a bad odour–it contains substances that are killers and health-destroyers.

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