After setting bad example, council now asks public to stay safe

Three weeks after the ceremonial Mayor of Croydon – after having admitted that she may have had the virus – turned up for a couple of ribbon-cuttings without a face mask or even the pretence of practising any social distancing, now Croydon Council is calling on the borough’s residents “to protect themselves and their loved ones” from coronavirus. Staying clear of their Mayor might be a start…

How not to do it: Croydon Mayor Maddie Henson’s first engagement paid little heed to covid-19 precautions

As the national government starts getting its excuses ready for a second wave of covid-19 infections, so our local authority has now woken up to the continuing threat to the health of large numbers of the people supposedly in its care.

“Coronavirus has not gone away, and here in Croydon keeping our residents safe from this remains a top council priority,” said Tony Newman, the council leader with dwindling credibility.

Inside Croydon reported WHO figures at the start of July which showed that the rate of infection from covid-19 in the United Kingdom was already on the rise again then.

The council issued its press release last night, asking the public “to get aware” (this was apparently written by a paid communication professional) “of how to access the NHS Test and Trace service if they are showing covid-19 symptoms”.

It transpires that Croydon is piggy-backing a pan-London campaign in partnership with the other 32 councils, supported by Public Health England, the NHS, the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority.

Apparently, someone went to the trouble, and expense, to commission pollsters to discover what was already blazingly obvious: nearly half of Londoners haven’t a clue about how to get tested for coronavirus. More than one-third of Londoners don’t have a Scooby about NHS Test and Trace, either.

But hey, Boris Johnson has opened the pubs for his mate Tim Wetherspoons, so everything must be just hunky dory…

For anyone with the slightest doubt, if you or anyone you know is showing symptoms – such as a fever, a continuous cough, or loss of smell or taste – you should immediately self-isolate for seven days and get a coronavirus test by phoning 119 or visiting

No sooner had Croydon issued that advice, it was superseded by the Chief Medical Officer this morning, who now advises a 10-day isolation period for anyone who believes they may have the symptoms.

Members of the same household also need to self-isolate at home for 14 days from when your symptoms first showed.

The council press release states: “If the test result is negative, your household can come out of self-isolation. If the result is positive, you and your household must complete the self-isolation – and you should receive a text or email from the NHS asking for details of the people you have been in close, recent contact with – and places you have visited – to protect those most at risk. No one contacted will be told your identity.”

The council press officer added a few quotes from Newman to pad out the press release, the council leader talking about people doing “the right thing”.

Newman urged the borough’s residents to continue to practise good hygiene and social distancing measures.

“This includes regularly washing hands, keeping apart when out and about and wearing a mask on public transport and in shops, which is now the law,” Newman said.

Meanwhile, since cheerily posting photographs of herself and a senior council colleague both without a mask and less than two metres distant from others in a new branch of Lidl and at an Indian restaurant, Maddie Henson, the new Mayor of Croydon, has not published any more snaps of herself performing her duties or attending other official engagements, masked or otherwise. For three whole weeks.

Let’s hope she is not unwell again.

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  1. Colin Cooper says:

    Quite frankly the National Goverrnment does not have to make excuses for any second Covid 19 ‘wave’, their genuinely major mistake was relying, and I quote, ‘on the good sense of the British Public’, something that all the illegal parties/raves, packed trains, packed parks & beaches with the associated failure to wear face masks or observe any form of social distancing clearly proves does not exist in the days of the ‘me first’ brigade.

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