Newman and Negrini finally get the Downfall treatment

They say that Tony Newman has had a bunker mentality for years…

Given the bunker mentality exhibited by many within the leadership cabal at Croydon Town Hall, it was inevitable.

Now, six years after giving Mike Fisher the Downfall treatment over “Wadgate”, a loyal reader has run the latest goings-on at Fisher’s Folly through the computer machinery and come up with this unflattering depiction of the events of the past few weeks. Click here to watch the whole mini-movie featuring all your “favourite” characters from the council.

Do you think Newman, the Butler-Scotts or Simon Hall will find it as funny this time round?

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8 Responses to Newman and Negrini finally get the Downfall treatment

  1. Mike Buckley says:

    Hum! I am no supporter of the old leadership. but I dont like this video either!
    Not in good taste!

  2. This IS joyous. Loved it. Very fair! One thing, the Stasi wasn’t created until 1950.

  3. Billy says:


  4. Chris says:

    You know you’ve made it when someone can be arsed to give it the Downfall treatment. Many thanks for posting this (and to the OP obviously).

  5. Sebastian Tillinger says:

    This is hilarious – I spat out a perfectly good mouthful of Carles Priorat Crianza watching it (£9.99 at Lidls, incidentally).

    I see even Chris Philp got a non-speaking part……

  6. davidmogo says:

    Fan bloody tastic!

  7. Marcus Rigby says:

    Very apt! Just about sums it all up!

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