Climate crisis protest brings Selsdon Road traffic to a halt

XR protester Grace Onions staged a sit-down protest in the Selsdon Road this morning

Traffic was stopped for an hour this morning on Selsdon Road when a local woman staged a sit-down protest in the street wearing a sign that read, “I’m terrified for those born after 2000 because of the climate crisis”.

Identified by Inside Croydon as local environmental campaigner Grace Onions, her protest was part of Extinction Rebellion’s “waves of rebellion for 2021”: protests held each month, increasing in pressure towards the staging of the UN’s climate conference, COP26, in Glasgow in November.

“The people taking action today hope to make clear that they can no longer trust the UK government with their future,” XR Croydon said today.

“Grace risked her life in order to speak out about government inaction on climate two years on from Parliament’s declaration of an environment and climate emergency.”

Onions was not alone. Around the country, more than 200 people also took similar action in their home towns. From Aberdeen to Birmingham to Yarmouth and beyond, people blocked roads to say they will no longer stand by while the government lies to the public about its tepid plans to tackle the climate crisis.

Extinction Rebellion has highlighted that while the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has been talking of “building back greener” from the coronavirus pandemic, at the same time, his government has invested £27billion in new roads, while a ban on building a third runway at Heathrow Airport was overturned in the courts.

A report by Positive Money found that by June last year, 56 per cent of covid relief funding went to carbon-intensive industries, including airlines, car manufacturers and oil and gas companies.

The Committee on Climate Change – the body tasked with monitoring government progress on reducing admissions – said in its progress report last June that Britain has failed on 17 out of 21 progress indicators, falling further behind in many areas.

It also found that just two of 31 key policy milestones have been met over the year since parliament declared emergency.

In December last year, the National Audit Office found that the government is predicted to fail to meet its existing climate targets and said that a radical reassessment of priorities was needed.

Onions got her message over for an hour this morning

“Two years ago today parliament declared an environment and climate emergency,” Onions said.

“And yet in February this year chief executive of the Environment Agency Sir James Bevan said that the UK is hitting worst-case environmental scenarios that if left unchecked would collapse ecosystems, slash crop yields, take out the infrastructure that our civilisation depends on, and destroy the basis of the modern economy and modern society.

“The Committee on Climate Change and the National Audit Office, who are tasked with monitoring the government, are warning the public that their climate plans are failing to materialise.

“Our leaders are still not taking this seriously. It’s time for ordinary people to step up and demand action.”

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10 Responses to Climate crisis protest brings Selsdon Road traffic to a halt

  1. A brave, caring woman who tells it like it is. Thank you Grace!

  2. Hans Mien says:

    We have been talking about the climate for over 20 years and no change really. It used to be global warming, couldn’t prove that so they changed it to climate change. I thought Attenborough said was too late now. Do you really think humans can change the climate. Without CO2 plants and trees die. It is the gas of life. Pollution is for sure a human disaster. It’s big business that pollute but every day man and woman are blamed for it. Sure we can all do our bit. But be careful what you wish for because when your smart meters ration your energy use and you pay so much more for your energy. We may have to shower once a week and light out by eight. Get ya candles in while they are affordable. Climate change crisis will hit our pockets big time under the name of green and sustainable. All by design my friends. I feel for the elderly who struggle to pay to heat their homes in the winter. Let’s hope they have enough tokens. One business guy once said if I can’t put a meter on it I’m not investing.

    • You have to be a moron if you believe that conspiracy theory pseudoscience crap, and even more stupid if you come out straw man nonsense like “Without CO2 plants and trees die”. So let’s all do our bit and pump more into the atmosphere, eh “Hans”? That’ll keep us nice and warm. You’re not a sceptic, just septic.

      • Hans Mien says:

        A moron and septic. Thank you for your kind words. It will be interesting to pick this up let’s say 2030. I like to be proved wrong as I’m keen to learn. In the meantime look who funds these big initiatives. The information is out there if people want to look.

        • “In the meantime look who funds these big initiatives”.

          You tell us. We could do with another laugh at your expense.

          • Nick Davies says:

            Usual daftness . Spout a load of bollocks then when asked to provide evidence tell you to find out yourself.

            Which means it’s a load of bollocks.

    • Nick Davies says:

      “It used to be global warming, couldn’t prove that so they changed it to climate change.” Who are they who couln’t prove global warming? Please elaborate.

      “Without CO2 plants and trees die. It is the gas of life.” I wonder where plants found CO2 for photosynthesis before we started burning fossil fuels. Please explain.

      “All by design my friends”. Who is the designer and what are they designing? Please elaborate.

  3. Good luck to her, she protested against Croydon Council’s felling of 100 year old oaks a couple of years ago

  4. I hear they are changing the law on protests…

  5. Colin Cooper says:

    Sadly she has single-handedly ADDED to the problem, there was traffic stalled all over Selsdon, all STATIC and pumping out more carbon monoxide etc. as stationary so long at low engine speeds. Along with pissing off practically every motorist (and pedestrian trying to get across the ridiculously busy roads) with the usual impatient morons speeding down the wrong side of the road (because they could not possibly wait with everyone else), I cannot see this achieved anything else. Long past time that this extremist protesting was made illegal, there are other ways of achieving a protest without disrupting EVERYONES limited existence as we are already suffering, thanks to Covid19!

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