Biggin Hill suffers delayed take-off for fare-paying flights

Biggin Hill Airport appears set to challenge a decision to block it from operating fare-paying passenger flights.

Flight delays: Biggin Hill’s application to extend its use was refused

The application for a change of permitted use was rejected by Bromley Council last week over concerns that an increase in flights and use of larger aircraft would affect noise levels and pollution.

Possibly the most famous of south-east England’s Battle of Britain RAF bases, today Biggin Hill is licensed to handle only business charter flights and private aircraft.

Bromley Council is the airport company’s landlord. In 2001, council won an action in the Court of Appeal which ruled that the airport operators should be prohibited from allowing tickets to be sold for flights into and out of the airport, thus preventing its use for scheduled or holiday charter flights, but allowing business aviation and corporate shuttles.

The council executive rejected the application because, according to Graham Arthur, the Tory councillor in charge of resources and contract management, “The council will continue to balance the twin aims of encouraging our business community to flourish, whilst safeguarding our environment and protecting our residents’ best interests.”

A spokesperson for the airport said: “Our proposal was clear that any shared flights would have been within all existing noise, flight and aircraft limits as already agreed with the local community.

“It was simply a change in how certain flights would be paid for.”

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6 Responses to Biggin Hill suffers delayed take-off for fare-paying flights

  1. Daft idea. There’ s a perfectly good airport just down the road that’s hardly used these days, with the advantage of having its own railway station attached to it. Gatwick, I think it’s called.

  2. Lewis White says:

    Biggin Hill as a commercial passenger airport?

    If restricted to pre-1990 turbo-prop aircraft, piloted by retired RAF veterans who experienced active service in any of the post WW2 conflicts, and with access stairways wheeled out (by hand) to the planes by brawny, overall-and safety booted ground-staff, flying to destinations such as Orly, or Berlin Tempelhof, with charming and “excellent customer service” providing flight attendants, absolutely no problem!

  3. Lewis White says:

    Vielen dank, Krautview, You probably guessed that I was trying to fly back in time from Biggin Hill, in my turbo prop craft, as Tempehof shut in 2008 and Orly, although still very much open and very busy, seems to be eclipsed now by C de Gaulle. Of course, I was aiming to land at the Orly 1961 South Terminal now Terminal 4, according to Wikipedia. And disembark down a flight of mobile steps, de rigeur.

    Your post got me thinking as to whether the Berlin chapter of the German psychedelic society could come over to Croydon Airport and do their thing……. on a day “trip” in a modern airship, and disembark on the playing fields behind the SELCO builders’ warehouse on the Purley Way.

    I wonder what the boy (and girl) racers and hot-rodders would make of it ?

    Thanks for the enlightenment !

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  5. Ian Pothecary says:

    It is non stop jets flying ovr Crofton Heath and they are big noisy and flying low. Our time sitting in the garden is spoilt daily by all these planes coming over. What is going on. What are Bromley Council doing about this? We have to stop talking on the phone when these planes go over. So, if it gets any worse we will have to move and Bromley Council and Biggin Hill will have to compensate us.

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