Council issues urgent warning over Regina Road cold callers

Danger warning: the council issued this leaflet, a day after Inside Croydon’s reports

It took the council 24 hours after Inside Croydon published its report on the bogus cold callers who had descended on the blocks of flats in Regina Road.

But yesterday, a council-produced flyer was posted in the entrance halls of each of the three blocks, and in the lifts. Leaflets were not distributed door-to-door, however, which is something which the har-working Rebecca Williams, of the Regina Road Residents’ Support Group, managed to do on their own initiative.

Marked “Urgent notice to all residents at Regina Road”, the council’s leaflet confirmed our report of three men claiming to be solicitors, surveyors or even council staff, but without any proper proof of identity. iC was aware of at least 20 residents who had raised their concerns.

“We strongly urge you, for your own safety, not to let anyone into your home without checking that they have valid ID,” the leaflet stated.

“Croydon Council staff and our repairs contractors Axis always wear a lanyard with ID.”

The ward councillors for Regina Road, including Newman’s nark, “Thirsty” Clive Fraser, have meanwhile remained silent on this important public safety issue.

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2 Responses to Council issues urgent warning over Regina Road cold callers

  1. mikebweb says:

    A lanyard with an ID is just a starting point – anybody can easily forge one.
    Either refuse all contact with anybody or ring the council – presumably there is a contact number on the poster – and check the identity of the person at the door.
    Much better if the council wrote to everybody they intend to visit male a proper appointment and tell them.

  2. Ian Kierans says:

    “Croydon Council staff and our repairs contractors Axis always wear a lanyard with ID.”

    But that is not always accurate is it Croydon Council?

    Apparently Council contracted Coring Contractors and even Utility Contractors working for developers permitted by Croydon do not wear them, yet knock on doors and claim they are working for Croydon. When this is raised to the Council there is no response from them. the best is to raise it with the Contractor. Hmm

    Does one not consider the damage of ignoring that behavior of your contractors. Most residents can never know which contradictory guidance to follow. And criminals like to take advantage of that confusion that is sowed by the Councils failure to communicate consistently and effectively.

    Perhaps we need some legislation to make it an offence to impersonate a Council officer that can be enforced.

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