Dear New Mayor: time to come clean with council’s secrets

CROYDON COMMENTARY:  Whoever is elected on Thursday as the borough’s first Mayor will inherit an in-tray weighed down with a raft of controversial reports and investigations into missing millions, the details of which have been kept secret for far too long says ROBERT WARD

Dear New Mayor,

Sorry to trouble you again so soon, but I have an issue that requires your urgent attention. It is also an opportunity to show early on in your tenure that you are serious about changing the council’s culture of secrecy.

When I talk to Croydon’s residents, I keep being asked the same questions. Residents want to know what really happened to cause the collapse of Croydon Council, and when will someone be asked to justify themselves in a court of law.

I do not have an answer for them, which really isn’t right given the sums involved and that the whole debacle came to light nearly two years ago.

Croydon cannot move on until we have some answers. Information has been kept secret for far too long.

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Perhaps once your election has been confirmed and you have moved into your new office, here are some documents that you need to make public.

That there are so many unanswered questions is a damning criticism of the council’s discredited past.

It is time to come clean, to put this behind us.

For the sake of our town, please take us on the first step on the road back to respectability by publishing these documents immediately.

Thank you and best regards.


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  • Robert Ward, pictured right, has been a Conservative councillor for Selsdon and Addington Village since 2018, and is standing for election again on Thursday

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3 Responses to Dear New Mayor: time to come clean with council’s secrets

  1. Dr Brian Matthews says:

    Well said Robert.

  2. tonycampbe says:

    Brick by brick have a party wall award which they say is complete but there is still work to finish off and look at the cracks to my flank wall they just keep saying it’s finished but my surveyor disagrees with them they have sold the property and told them it’s all competed ,

  3. Susan Williams says:

    And get rid of Katherine Kerswell.

    She never should have been given the full time job. Her role was temporary only.

    Croydon has made a grave mistake here.

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