Spitfire women of WWII illustrated talk, Crystal Palace, Aug 8

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1 Response to Spitfire women of WWII illustrated talk, Crystal Palace, Aug 8

  1. Lewis White says:

    In the Officers’ Mess at RAF Kenley……. (somewhere in Surrey) 1943

    ” I say Ginger,
    have you seen this poster in “Inside Croydon” ?
    Amazing ! It’s a piccie of a young lady– looks a bit of a looker if you ask me !….. in the cockpit of a ‘plane! No instructor! No flying helmet either — hair blowing in the breeze!

    Can you pass that copy of Jane’s Fighting ‘planes old chap? Thanks, old boy !
    The canopy has the lid orff, and can’t honestly say what the kite is.

    Have a look at this, old chum ! “Spitfire Women of WW2”. It says here…
    “141 women flying as ATA pilots– in dangerous conditions– an inspirational story !!”

    Fancy that …… women pilots ! Flying Spitfires !! Remarkable !

    Looks like a talk , up at SE 19. Illustrated! Entry fee £2 including refreshments.

    Intriguing ! I’ll treat you if you like! Should be jolly interesting. Who knows, might even bump into that young lady at the talk!

    If someone could pop us down to Purley in the Landie, we should be able to get the trolley bus all the way there.

    Wizard !”

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