Wetherspoons confirm closure of Purley pub as Brexit bites

The Foxley Hatch in Purley is to close by the end of October, one of 32 Wetherspoons pubs put up for sale across the country.

Going soon: the Foxley Hatch in Purley closes at the end of October

The Foxley Hatch will be the third Wetherspoons in Croydon to close this year, following the Skylark in South Croydon and the Milan Bar in the town centre. Neither of those venue has yet re-opened under new management.

The widescale sale of pub properties by Wetherspoons, the company run by Brexit enthusiast Tim Martin, has been widely interpreted as one of the latest consequences of the cost-of-living crisis that has been, at least in part, aggravated by the impact of Brexit.

A Wetherspoons spokesperson was quoted this week as saying that the closures and disposals were because repairs and staff costs rendered their no-nonsense drinking culture financially perilous.

If a FTSE-250 company is being hit this hard by the Tory-created recession, there must be hundreds of other independent pubs and smaller companies who must be fearful for the future of their businesses as energy costs soar.

JD Wetherspoon operates around 800 pubs in the UK and Ireland, and said its closures are a “commercial decision”. More than half of the pubs slated for closure are in London and the south-east.

Cost of Brexit: Tim Martin

The sites are a mix of 10 freehold and 22 leasehold units.

“We understand that customers and staff will be disappointed with it,” a spokesperson for the company said.

A Foxley Hatch regular told Inside Croydon: “We heard the whisper at the weekend. It’s a shock, and a disappointment, too.

“The staff here work ever so hard, and the place has always seemed busy. But then, from what we heard, the Skylark did decent business, too, and they closed that. We reckon there’s a lot more to this decision.”

Among the other ‘Spoons put on the market are the Wrong ‘Un in Bexleyheath, the Asparagus in Battersea and the Bankers Draft in Eltham.

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8 Responses to Wetherspoons confirm closure of Purley pub as Brexit bites

  1. Lewis White says:

    If ‘Spoons are feeling the economic weather and shutting so many pubs, things must be bad.

  2. John Davis says:

    Can’t get those EU staff eh? The Brexit fall in the pound, from which it’s never recovered, making your consumables costs too high?

    There is a Brexit cost in every bill people now have to pay, especially food (6% Brexit – LSE research) and energy (petrol, gas, electricity). The fall in the pound, the loss of EU workers, the new red tape all add to costs and prices rise or the company concerned goes under. Everywhere else has Covid and Ukraine costs to deal with, but only the UK has added Brexit costs on top. Johnson’s deal was little better than no deal, and what did you claim? “The hard mathematics demonstrate beyond doubt that no deal leaves the public and the UK better-off on day one after Brexit.” You said prices would not rise, then after Brexit you put up prices in your own pubs.

    Well Mr Martin, you wanted it, you pushed for it, you got it. Now pay for it, as you’ve forced everyone else to.

  3. Chris Harding says:

    Just a few days ago Wetherspoons stated that the 32 pubs up for sale currently (inc The Foxley Hatch) would continue to trade until sold. What changed?

    • As the report states, Chris, there is a mix of owned and long-term leased properties. And within each of those groups, there’s likely to be sub-sets of circumstances at each venue. The Hatch will be shut at the end of October.

  4. This a massive tragedy for Purley – the Hatch offered great value and a great choice of well-cared for beers.

  5. David Bryce says:

    Fantastic – no more stale beer from Weatherspoons – known to customers as ‘weather-the-sell-by-date”.

    Tim Martin pretends to befriend the working man – but it’s all a big front from a big Gob-shite.

    • Christopher+Myers says:

      Beer in the Hatch has always been fresh and great value. The sell by story is s myth put about by profiteering pubs

  6. Rory Ahearne says:

    Myself and another regular Carole worked hard to save the Hatch some 7yrs ago, with support from many regulars we were successful. Unfortunately with Brexit and Covid there has been much change and habits have changed. Personally after 2yrs of isolation as critically vulnerable I only venture out about once a week now but always to Hatch to say Hello. I realise that Weatherspoon’s are unlikely to change their decision again but do 🙏 remains a pub🤞I know many of the solid regulars will support this, certainly myself as I only live 10 min walk away, 2 min for fit person. Rory

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