Tories plump for Trump-supporting hairdresser to run London

Harrow hairdresser Susan Hall will be the Conservative Party’s candidate for London Mayor next May, up against Labour incumbent Sadiq Khan.

Born to run: Susan Hall, the Conservatives’ London mayoral candidate

The Trump-supporting Hall ran for selection on the slogan “Safer with Susan”. Safer than what, or whom among her Conservative Party colleagues, she never quite explained.

The result of a membership poll was revealed this morning, with Hall, who until recently was the leader of the small Tory group at City Hall, getting 57per cent of the vote in a two-candidate field following a controversial selection process.

Paul Scully, the Sutton and Cheam MP who is the Tories’ Minister for London, was not even included in the shortlist, while another candidate, Daniel Korski, dropped out after he was accused of groping a woman, allegations which he denied.

Hall, who ran a hairdressing salon with her husband, was first elected a councillor in Harrow in 2006.

She has been a member of the London Assembly since 2017 – although always elected via the London elections party list system, rather than anyone actually voting for her personally. Much like the unelectable Shaun Bailey, the Tory Party party-goer who was such a disaster as the Conservative candidate in the last mayoral elections.

Literally the last man standing in the Tory mayoral selection race was Mozammel Hossain, a barrister with virtually no frontline political experience. Given Hossain’s low profile, that Hall only polled 57per cent of the Tory vote suggests many party members may harbour reservations about her abilities as a candidate.

Labour has described Hall as “a hard-right politician who couldn’t be more out of touch with our city and its values”, pointing to her vehement support for Johnson, Liz Truss, and Donald Trump.

After the Truss government’s mini-budget that would crash the economy, Hall tweeted, “Oh deep joy, a proper #Conservative government.”

Hall has in the past attracted criticism for her “fat shaming” tweets about reality TV star Gemma Collins, and for arguing that the deadly storming of the US Capitol by Trump supporters was the equivalent of British politicians who opposed Brexit.

Senior Labour Party sources have said that they are “profoundly relaxed” about the prospect of Hall running against Mayor Khan. They have already briefed that they intend to frame a front page of today’s Evening Boris, with an unflattering portrait of the Tory candidate, for display in their campaign headquarters.

The Greens have chosen the Hackney councillor Zoë Garbett as their candidate for the election, which takes place in May next year. The Liberal Democrats will choose between a shortlist of the tech industry adviser Rob Blackie and Chris French, a community advocate.

Bookmakers have Khan as the odds-on favourite at 1/4 – stake £4 to win £1 – to win next May’s election and so become the first three-term Mayor of London.

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2 Responses to Tories plump for Trump-supporting hairdresser to run London

  1. Peter Underwood says:

    The Green Party has consistently been the third placed party over the last three London elections. With the Conservative vote rapidly disappearing and this rabid right-wing extremist unlikely to change that, it’s looking more like next year’s elections will realistically be a choice between Labour or Green

  2. Ian Kierans says:

    May harbour reservations? Support for Johnson, Liz Truss, and Donald Trump.

    One thinks some pretty poor decision making, unpolitical bias, a failure to understand differing views and unwillingness to adapt and represent all equally, could be construed. But politic’s is fickle and anyone can stand a chance, but bookies are rarely too far out – and 100/1 does happen!

    Look at Johnson, Truss, Trump, Sunak, and history. The world also has a preponderance of putting in power total raving megalomaniac’s over the last Century.

    At least she has experience of doing something useful – so one up on Trump!

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