Off-song: Numpty silences members of CLP’s Facebook group

A week before a key selection meeting, Labour officials have silenced members online. But that hasn’t stopped the party asking them to cough up cash for a naff Keir-aoke (Geddit??!!)
By WALTER CRONXITE, Political Editor

Favoured candidates: Maddie Henson and Joel Bodmer are both seeking selection

Just a week left until the grassroots members of the new Constituency Labour Party in Croydon East finally get to have a say in the selection of their candidate for the General Election, and an unelected official has tried to silence them on social media.

Carole Bonner is the Newman Numpty who was installed as chair of the CLP without any election or members’ general meeting, and who has presided over a shadowy selection process in which members have been shut out of the long-listing and short-listing process.

With Croydon Labour in “special measures” after they bankrupted the borough when in power at the Town Hall, faceless and nameless officials at London Region and in the National Executive Committee have been deciding on who should go forward to a members’ vote next Saturday. Bonner has been doing their bidding on the ground locally.

According to Bonner, it was Labour’s NEC who finally determined that four candidates should go forward to next Saturday’s selection meeting: Olga Fitzroy, a councillor in Lambeth with a reputation for organising successful national campaigns in the music industry, Natasha Irons, a Merton councillor, Johnson Situ, a former Southwark councillor who now works for London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and Joel “Bodger” Bodmer, who has never been elected to any public office.

Party animal: Carole Bonner has shut down selection discussion

Separately, but being run at the same time, is a long-delayed selection process for Labour’s London Assembly candidate for Croydon and Sutton, where there are just two names on the ballot paper: Merton councillor Martin Whelton and one of Bonner’s fellow Numpties, Maddie Henson. Henson is the first Croydon councillor from the Newman era to be allowed forward as a candidate for selection for elected office.

Bonner, a former councillor in New Addington and one of the Newman Numpties who supported the discredited Labour regime that crashed the council finances, has a long and very well-deserved reputation for never answering members’ questions and regarding herself as unaccountable.

And this week, she shut down discussion about the selections and CLP business on the relatively new Croydon East CLP Facebook page. She claimed to have acted on “advice” in banning any new posts, but Bonner refused to say where that advice had come from.

“We’ve been frozen out,” one concerned member told iC. “We can no longer contribute or communicate with other members via the Facebook page.

“Perhaps they were worried that Olga and Natasha were getting posts and a certain other candidate wasn’t.”

Shutdown: unelected Bonner decided to act on ‘advice’ and stop discussion of CLP business

Even in applying this Orwellian restriction on discussion, Bonner and the other page administrators (Melanie Felten and Mark Henson who were also installed as CLP officers without election by London Region) have issued mixed and confused messages, first limiting members to one post per day, then one comment per hour, then suspending all posts, all without any real explanation.

“Member-led democracy it isn’t,” said one of those banned from using the Facebook page.

“Would someone please tell me what is going on?” asked another.

The shutdown of debate hasn’t stopped Bonner coming up with another wheeze, though, which she has allowed to be published on the CLP’s Facebook page.

It’s a Croydon Labour Keir-aoke! Geddit! Hilarious, no?

In another posting, Bonner (or someone) has written, “It’s that time of year to have a party, roast your chestnuts and jingle and mingle.” Ho, ho, ho.

The event is to be hosted by Tony Blair fan-boy Martin Angus.

They promise no speeches, but there will be a raffle, with all profits split between Croydon East and Croydon South CLPs. Tickets for the event, on December 16 at the salubrious Ruskin House, are a mere £17… With a pay bar, natch.

“So we’re not allowed to comment or express an opinion on the Facebook page – unless you are Carole Bonner – but you can buy tickets to fundraising events,” another disgruntled member said.

“Under Bonner and her chums, that is all party members are good for.”

The event does, though, present some intriguing possibilities for choices of songs for key Croydon Labour figures… Take your pick, and suggest some of your own:

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9 Responses to Off-song: Numpty silences members of CLP’s Facebook group

  1. Laurence Fisher says:

    Paranoia, control, invasive promotion and the passing of blame – the four plates of the short and rather tired labour backbone which continues to ruin their reputation.

  2. When you see how paid-up party members are treated, it makes you shudder to think how bad things will be for everyone else if these Stalinists succeed in taking over the country.

  3. Ian Kierans says:

    The simple solution is to set up another Facebook page, have a seperate meeting that does meet the member rules and with real Elections.
    Many have voted with their feet and left but honestly why?

    If there are so many – organise set up meetings and be clear about who you want as a candidate and get them voted in – you are only talking about getting 1500 votes to become a councillor – Only 26% voted in my ward last time. Maybe they are not the monirity minority they feel they are.

    That may not be popular with those running political parties but it is a reality and something that will make them stop and consider.

    Anyway just an option.

  4. Andrew Pelling says:

    When I joined the Labour Party I was told by a retired Labour councillor at a Croydon Central CLP meeting that I should understand that the party, unlike the Conservatives, is not a democracy.

    Advice of which I should have taken more cognisance.

  5. Ahmed Y says:

    Insidiously the local comrades have lost the grip on any matters pertaining to CLP matters, and now this. I thought all this without much emotion. The diabolic introspection of ‘Newman-Reed’ reincarnate (Hint: JB) representing us in SW1A 0AA instantly amplifies the purposeful pulsing of blood. The flight into incoherence was made transpicuous by an excellent documentary on Al Jazeera titled Labour files. Perhaps the price of unspeaking is that life passes more rapidly as a paid member of Labour party. As the components of our democracy are stripped away, after all the hope vaporises, I hope the Labour family can come to a sustained happiness post Newman-Bonner-Hanson sovereignty.

    Pelling was far too smart and sophisticated for Croydon, just for the record.

    • Henry Ford – ‘you can have any color you want so long as it’s black’
      Steve Reed – you can vote for any candidate you want so long as their surname is Henson or Bodmer

  6. Tom Ferguson says:

    Steve Reed’s early endorsement of Joel Bodmar and the sham process typifies the disdain party big-wigs have for the local members, and just how out of touch they are with local CLP level reality.

    As it stands now, a distinct minority of non-elected committee people choose who the party will support, in effect telling local members to buy a pig in a poke.

    Contrary to Bonner-Hanson-Reed’s assertion, that is not how the local members believe their party should operate. The current rigged process is precisely the reason that members do not see the candidates and thus remain politically inactive. The only way the party will listen to its members and change is if we refuse to ratify their endorsed candidates and instead vote for better qualified candidates who have no political ‘Steve Reed’ strings attached. That is how the members want their party to operate, or else, why have a party at all?

    • Ahmed Y says:

      “I wyll never bye the pyg in the poke”

      . . . but we know what is in Steve’s sack – it is Joel Bodmer & Maddie Henson!

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