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Arise Sir Tricky Dicky Ottaway – Croydon’s dark knight

Arise Sir Tricky Dicky Ottaway. If ever someone wanted to discredit the “Honours” system, this is a prime example that shows how debased the whole thing has become. The Daily Wail, not noted for being a radical rag, described the … Continue reading

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On your bike! Out of touch Ottaway’s latest gaffe

This one is firmly filed in the “you couldn’t make it up” category. Cap’n Richard Ottaway, the absentee MP for Croydon South, is very much the inspiration for Inside Croydon. We attempt to detail his selfless public service at every … Continue reading

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Crisis? What Crisis? Ottaway’s getaway on his yacht

Two years ago, when faced with massive public disquiet over his outrageous expenses claims, including £100,000 towards his second home, the local Tories blinked when they had the chance to de-select the arrogant and self-satisfied Bletchingley resident, Richard Ottaway, as … Continue reading

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For Croydon MP Ottaway, it’s a case of jobs for the girls

Croydon South MP Richard Ottaway has a new staff member at his Westminster office: a local teenager called Madeleine Hale. If that name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Hale is the daughter of senior Conservative Croydon councillor, Lynne Hale. Lynne … Continue reading

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