Barwell plays the race card with his first PM’s question

Rather sad to see Gavin Barwell, the newly elected Conservative MP for Croydon Central, opt to play the race card with his first opportunity to ask a question of the Prime Minister in the House of Commons.

Obviously, he couldn’t stand up and say that his constituents don’t really like foreigners. So instead, in a rather mealy mouthed approach, he asked whether the burden of processing immigrants to the whole of the UK should be entirely held within the poor, deprived London Borough of Croydon.

This is one of those sad examples of politicians saying one thing when they really mean another.

Flagging the issue of the Home Office’s immigration offices in the centre of Croydon allows him to pander to the racists he needs to vote for him in this closely fought marginal constituency. Hiding it within a fake concern for the administrative pressure on the borough is just phoney and cheap.

Presumably, if another government office opened up which brought jobs and predominantly white people to the area he’d welcome it with open arms.

Deeply unimpressed Mr B.

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