This week’s Advertiser continues to promote Croydon brothel

Having “exposed” a West Croydon brothel on its front page last week while carrying an ad for the same “house of ill-repute” elsewhere in the newspaper, this week’s Brothel Advertiser has surpassed itself by continuing to advertise an establishment which its own journalism has decried as illegal.

Inside Croydon will be strolling past the Swan & Sugar Loaf later to visit the establishment of Mr Ladbroke in South End to collect our winnings on the bet we laid earlier this week: that the Brothel Advertiser would not be publishing the letter of complaint from local action group Croydon Community Against Trafficking.

We calculate that we’ll get a 1p pay-out on our £1 stake, since Ladbrokes were especially generous is offering us odds of 100-1 on.

We always thought we had a safe bet that the Editor at the Brothel Advertiser would not have the balls to carry the CCAT letter accusing his publication of “utter hypocrisy” for its front-page splash “exposing” a West Croydon brothel, while the same paper’s classifieds were carrying an ad for the very same knocking shop.

It’s a good job that we published the letter for you to see (click here to check it out).

This is how Inside Croydon broke the story earlier this week.

We wonder when the local Plod will investigate the Brothel Advertiser‘s profiting from what the paper has itself declared to be illegal prostitution?

If the opprobrium of Prof Roy Greenslade in the Grauniad is not enough, with the story the latest to make the Croydon Advertiser a laughing stock in the journalistic world (click here for more), things today have just got worse for the denizens of Jessop House.

Now the paper – owned by the same people who normally occupy the moral high ground at the Daily Mail – can now be said to be knowingly pimping prostitutes.

This week’s issue of the dire rag carries yet another advert (No54 in a long-running series) for the very same “sinister brothel” that the paper so fearlessly “exposed” with its front-page “exclusive” last week (about 15 months after having the establishment’s status spelt out to its then Editor by CCAT).

Even the Croydon Sadvertiser‘s former news editor made it absolutely clear this week that the newspaper’s journalists are entirely aware of exactly what is going on at the “massage parlours” and “stress relief” operations that they advertise.

“I used to work for the Croydon Ad – there’s no way they weren’t aware of the dodgy ads,” she Tweeted.

Surely it can only be a matter of time before a concerned member of the public phones Croydon police station to tell them of the dodgy goings ons in a seedy third-floor office on Tamworth Road?

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