Council says it applied for riot aid, but refuses to say when

Stirred by Inside Croydon‘s report yesterday that our council (which claims “Efficiency is in our DNA”) had not yet got round to filing an application for £10 million in government funding for riot-affected areas, the council’s press office swung into action this morning to rubbish our story.

Only yesterday, we quoted a spokesman for the council as being unable to say one way or another whether what a member of the Reeves family had told the national inquiry panel public session in Croydon last week, that the council had yet to submit an application, nearly three months after the horrific events of 8/8, was in fact the case.

It is a simple enough couple of questions, you might think: has a claim gone in? If so, when was it submitted?

Today, through Twitter, as the Croydon press office claimed that an application for the funding had been made, we asked for a formal council statement.

What the £660,000 per year Croydon Council press operation provided instead was a Tweet, we believe to be from senior press officer John Bownas: “A council spokesman said: ‘Application for post riot funding submitted and an announcement due to be made’.”

Very good, or so we thought. “So when was the application made?” we asked. “When can we expect the announcement?”

Guess what? Croydon’s press office was unable – or refused – to say when the council had submitted the application. They had earlier indicated that an announcement would be made “soon”. So we asked them to provide some idea of when, exactly, because the many businesses and residents of London Road and other riot-ravaged areas of Croydon would surely be interested to know.

“I think you know that that’s not the council’s decision,” was the best that our publicly funded press officer could offer the people of Croydon.

Which of course failed entirely to answer the simple matter of: when did Croydon Council submit its application for the £10 million riot fund, if it ever did at all?

And if the press officer is able to suggest publicly that an announcement on the fund will be made “soon”, then surely if it is true, then he must have some notion of exactly when? This week? Next week? Some time? Or is it never, Mr Bownas?

Dealing with Croydon Council, you do sometimes begin to think that Jerry Maguire had a point: Show us the money!

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2 Responses to Council says it applied for riot aid, but refuses to say when

  1. Is it possible that Croydon Council is not answering because they think they can do what they want without any explanation to the residents who pay their wages (and allowances) through taxation?

    No questions should be ever asked of the rulers who, in their own good time, might put together a fabricated excuse.

    Meanwhile Croydon Central’s MP is giving interviews about the riots ahead of the official findings of the national and local inquiries.

  2. Croydon Council leaving out those oh-so-important details then?

    Maybe someone forgot 😉

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