Sshh! Barwell staging same-sex marriage meeting at Town Hall

Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell is staging a meeting about government policy on same-sex marriage tonight, Wednesday, May 30, at the Town Hall from 6.30pm. You may not have noticed.

The event was initially publicised on Facebook a week ago.

There, without specifying whether they need to be Croydon Central constituents, people are invited to attend on the promise that: “Gavin will be hosting a public meeting to discuss the Government’s proposals to allow same-sex couple”, sic: we think the proposals are in fact about more than just one couple, “to get married”.

Steven George, husband of Croydon councillor Clare Hilley, in a picture which he first posted on the internet. Will he share his sobering thoughts at tonight’s meeting?

The Facebook event page and a recent up-tick in online activity for the MP is signal of the arrival on Barwell’s state-funded staff of Mario Creatura, the local Tory activist, failed council election candidate and a confirmed advocate of using the interweb to make enemies and alienate people.

By this afternoon, the Facebook group indicated just three people would be attending tonight’s meeting: Gav, his web flunky Mario, and Steven George, the husband of a Croydon councillor who is now renowned for a racist blog post.

Somewhat oddly, though, the news of this public meeting for one of the hot topics facing the coalition government is not readily found on Gavin Barwell’s own website, where the event announcement, made on May 23, does not appear in the list of most recent blog postings. It is unlike Barwell to hide his light under a bushel.

Since the arrival of “Super Mario”, the MP’s site has been very busy. For instance, it includes the distressing news that the MP’s father’s grave was desecrated, and how as a result of his consequent outburst, the Tory MP was named Westminster “Hero of the Week” in the Rupert Murdoch-owned Sun newspaper (which some might see as similar to being hailed as patient of the week by the local clap clinic).

But the same-sex marriage meeting which Barwell has gone to considerable trouble to organise is not trumpeted, out and proud, you might say. We wonder why?

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5 Responses to Sshh! Barwell staging same-sex marriage meeting at Town Hall

  1. There were about 40 people at the meeting, and I first heard about it weeks ago.

  2. I would like to know how Mr Loony knew about it “weeks ago”.

    The report suggests it was only posted online on May 23. I do not access the MP’s website and he has not sent any email to me, his constituent, about the meeting.

    When I read about it in IC, I had already made arrangements for the evening.

    I am interested in the subject and have a clear view on the matter.

    There are three articles in (March, April and May) where my best friends and I have expressed opinions.

    • mraemiller says:

      It was in an email I received on May 24 – however it is in the margin on the side. Not in the central body of the text… I also thought I saw it on Facebook somewhere but I cant remember where

  3. adrianwin says:

    Having the meeting sounds a good idea but it’s frustrating if most people who would have wanted to go don’t know in time. Would be interesting to know where John (or anyone) saw it announced.

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