Tory council candidate lashes out at “fecking” government

Jayne Laville: raging at the party machine

Jayne Laville: raging at the party machine

Jayne Laville, who in 2010 ran for election to the council for the Conservatives alongside Gavin Barwell’s successful parliamentary campaign in Croydon Central, has turned to social media to vent her frustrations with the way politics, to her mind, isn’t working.

With her Facebook profile sporting a picture of herself with a Conservative party rosette, this former candidate for Fieldway ward – where she polled more than 1,000 votes, coming third in a strongly Labour ward in May 2010 – some of her comments could yet embarrass Croydon Conservatives, with her use of swear words, her apparent racism and what she sees as the betrayal by the Tory-led government of those on benefits.

The anti-immigrants rant on the Croydon tram by a local woman saw her eventually making a court appearance. The written rants put into the public domain by a Conservative council candidate, some might suggest, are little different from that brand of bile and hatred that became a YouTube sensation.

Many people will find Laville’s choice of language and her apparent racism distasteful. Yet she may be a local example of why working class Tories have growing disillusionment with the Conservative party.

In reaction to the latest proposals about making those who are obese and on benefits be forced to take exercise, Laville ostensibly attacks Labour. So far so good for the Conservatives.

But Laville’s solutions to the healthy food debate are so dirigiste as to be closer to the BNP or the Communist party, as she urges price controls and a break up of monopolistic food providers: “bring in a law to govern the price of food instead of bangin on about whats innit!”

“legislation should be introduced to the FOOD CARTEL its running riot”,
she says elsewhere.

But it has been the sense of betrayal that Laville expresses about the Conservatives towards those on benefits that has seen her at her most animated on Facebook. Laville feels personally very let down as she reports that, “Im too fecking miserable to join in life when the government have taken our disability benefits away for 4 months while I reprove my daughter has Autism, what a JOKE . When we do get it , it is less than a normal job seeker.”

With a sense of bitterness 39-year-old mother of two Laville – who owns a dog which she calls Boris – strikes out at a failed migration policy, “Well done Government for saving the country money and plunging us into debt and hunger. Meanwhile you still got to find 30,000 fecking foreigners you have lost. what A FECKED UP COUNTRY. Shite”

Laville’s disillusion runs so deeply that the Conservative activist attacks all politicians, migrants, the government’s overseas aid policy, single mothers and job seekers: “Wanke~~rs , its all wrong, its a disgrace”

“We should be aloud to say ‘shut the doors to the country’ and send them home without being labelled as racist, we have poverty and high unemployment and charity should start at home , not for every other bugger who isnt British.”

“It is always the disabled and old that lose out, not the single mothers or the fit person job seeker, not the immigrants either, I tell local government this at every chance I get, I do know that the current system is only a trial, we have to start publicly speaking out to make changes but then the labour party sold our right to free speach so watever party is in government we havnt a bloody chance. This country has lost it’s identity and we are all paying for something that is not our feck up, but the MP’S WHO ALL LINED THEIR FECKING POCKETs and mis managed this country.”

Laville doesn’t specify whether she has any particular MPs in mind as having lined their “fecking” pockets, although we might be able to suggest a name or two.

Some might accuse Laville of nit-pickling. That will be because she is: “The Evening Standard Newspaper will be running my Head Lice Campaign in probably todays paper!!!!” she wrote in July. “Exciting that a big paper has picked my campaign up therefore highlighting how it is indeed a big problem. After all this is England.”

Laville is known to several Croydon Conservative councillors and members of the New Addington Pathfinders community group, who are her “friends” on Facebook; none, though, have dissented with her public comments.

Laville does not touch on education, and topics such as spelling and punctuation. Probably just as well, since she has served as a parent governor at Wolsey Junior school. She also says that she was “promised” a Job Club in New Addington by Boris Johnson if he was re-elected as Mayor of London. Would such a club exclude all the “immigrants” that Laville dislikes so passionately?

She has become so upset that she announced on her Twitter account that she was about to wage germ warfare against Croydon Council: “taking my chicken pox to the town hall lol :D”

Whatever next? Nadine Dorres taking a sample of Norovirus to the posh boys at Chequers? Smiley face.

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2 Responses to Tory council candidate lashes out at “fecking” government

  1. Yesterday I walked Croydon from South End down to beyond Lidl in West Croydon. I walked with a young man who wants to start his own business. We stopped at many businesses, nearly all empty or with just a few customers, and we went through the costs and prices. At every one I emphasised how much of the price was going to the tax man.
    We looked at the costs consumers face, particularly accommodation. We saw the Council posters telling people to BUDGET now, because things are going to be really bad in April! We looked at the incredible proliferation of instant gratification businesses that are addictive, but add little value to the quality of people’s lives. Each of us should walk Croydon and count: betting shops; money shops; pawnbrokers; take away food at vey low prices; discount alcohol…… a concentration of these businesses degrades our community and makes the streets feel less safe.
    The decent people that run small businesses, that serve their communities are crippled by high costs: parking charges; taxes; rents; gas and electricity – it is obvious that many of these people who work seven days a week earn virtually nothing for keeping their businesses going (but there is more dignity in that than being on the dole).
    We also counted how many superstores had opened, local stores specifically targetted at the populations the small family stores and cafes serve.
    By the end of the day I also despaired of a Government that claims to want enterprise but protects big business whilst not effectively carrying out its own function by providing:
    a. Affordable housing;
    b. Market regulation of everything from fuel to supermarkets to banking.
    We need clear visions that create ONE CROYDON that unite people and do not fuel the flames of racism and social/political jealousy.
    Let us all work together to find a more prosperous and enterprising future despite the Government!

  2. mraemiller says:

    “Im too fecking miserable to join in life when the government have taken our disability benefits away for 4 months while I reprove my daughter has Autism, what a JOKE . When we do get it , it is less than a normal job seeker.”

    Why on earth do people who rely (or whose relatives rely) on benefits vote Conservative?

    Conservatives are the party of low taxes.

    Benefits are paid for out of taxation. Join the dots.

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