Cane Hill and Coulsdon “Masterplan” discussion begins

The public consultation on The Future of Coulsdon – Coulsdon Masterplan began last week, including details of Barratt’s proposals for the redevelopment of the Cane Hill site.

Brighton Road CoulsdonAs part of the consultation, there will be drop in sessions on:
Tuesday March 19, 4pm – 8pm
Saturday March 23, 11am – 3pm

Both sessions will take place at the CALAT Smitham Centre.

Details of the consultation are now on the council website (here) and copies of the Masterplan have been sent to all libraries (at least those that have not been closed to spruce them up before handing them over to John Laing… whoops, another Croydon plan that has not quite worked).

Inside Croydon wants to hear from our loyal reader in Coulsdon on their view of this scheme – how does it affect you?

Does it propose too many new houses, or not enough?

And are they the right kind of homes?

Do the plans provide enough public amenities?

Is it just another charter for private developers’ profits at public expense?

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1 Response to Cane Hill and Coulsdon “Masterplan” discussion begins

  1. ndavies144 says:

    It must be remembered that, despite the way it is being portrayed, this isn’t a proposal to actually do anything. As the leaflet that came round the houses this afternoon with the local CR5 classifieds mag concludes, “…components can be assembled and introduced as and when the stakeholders have secured funding and market demand to build.” The document itself is a little more positive – if you’ve got the patience to plough through 130 odd pages (formatted 3 column portrait A4 so to make screen reading annoying) there are timetables for implementation, funding sources and whathaveyou. But I fear the danger is that they will ‘do a Netherne’: a load of houses will be built on the hill with no infrastucture to support them. It took years for Netherne to get a rudimentary bus shuttle down to the station. All the rest will stay on the ‘too difficult’ pile for decades to come. If you want to know what a too difficult pile looks like come and admire the Red Lion site which has stood derelict for a decade while the council sat on its hands.

    That said, it is a worthwhile document, and makes many good proposals. There are of course nits to be picked and much time will be spent picking them. Once the consultation is over and things are firmed up the challenge, albeit tough one given we’re talking Croydon Council, is to maintain the momentum.

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