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Bus passengers face a wet winter of discontent with no shelters

Six months since Inside Croydon first revealed the secret removal of the borough’s bus shelters, and a dodgy-looking £6.8million deal with a small company that had only been established a few months earlier, the council has admitted that not a … Continue reading

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Buyers beware: High Court judge puts planners in the dock

A High Court judge has ruled against Croydon’s planning department, quashing the decision of a senior council official to grant permission for a block of flats in Sanderstead. Here, former council planner STEVE WHITESIDE explains how the court ruling could … Continue reading

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Building in suburban back gardens is not the only answer

CROYDON COMMENTARY: As residents in Old Coulsdon organise themselves to oppose more ‘back-garden’ developments in their village, LEWIS WHITE (right), offers some alternatives to unnecessary intensification It is not unknown for local residents’ associations to be heavily influenced by people … Continue reading

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Norwood residents ask MP Reed to act over estate demolition

After a year-long, rear-guard action from residents of a council-built estate on the Croydon-Lambeth borough boundary, Truslove House and the mature trees in the grounds around it have in the past week been bulldozed completely. Lambeth Council has been accused … Continue reading

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Brick by Brick ‘sweetheart’ sale could have cost another £45m

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The latest report from government-appointed inspectors assigned to check on the council finances reveals that a sweetheart deal to sell failed house-builders Brick by Brick to a Manchester developer could have cost the bankrupt borough another £45m. … Continue reading

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Multi-million-pound loss on hotel ‘not ideal’ says panel

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Whitehall-appointed inspectors raise serious doubts over the council’s property sales. By STEVEN DOWNES The council’s sale of the Croydon Park Hotel at a loss of as much as £10million has been condemned by government-appointed officials. Such a … Continue reading

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Addington residents respond en bloc to save Green Belt

Members of the Addington Residents’ Association took matters into their own hands last week, getting massive concrete blocks, looking like giant Lego bricks, installed at the top end of a once grassy lane to halt further unauthorised road works in … Continue reading

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Old Coulsdon village to fight against planning ‘intensification’

A residents’ association in the south of the borough is organising to defend what it calls its “leafy suburban character” against unbridled overdevelopment allowed by Croydon Council. “About eight out of 10 emails in my inbox relate to planning,” says … Continue reading

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Roadworks on Green Belt cause worries for Addington villagers

There’s agitation among Addington villagers, after a local landowner erected gates to block public access to a large field and has started to build an access road through Green Belt land, all apparently without any planning permission or agreement with … Continue reading

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Council flogs off hotel for less than £29.8m it cost to buy

CROYDON IN CRISIS: While one Labour MP dines out with a notorious property lobbyist whose employees include the council’s deputy leader, one of the firm’s clients has snapped up the Croydon Park Hotel at a bargain basement price. EXCLUSIVE By … Continue reading

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Landscape of deceit: director deletes qualification claim

By STEVEN DOWNES Five days ago, this website carried an article written by Steve Whiteside that exposed Heather Cheesbrough, “BA (Hons) PG Dip LA CMLI MRTPI”, Croydon Council’s “director of planning and strategic transport”, as claiming to be something that … Continue reading

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Director of planning’s bogus claim over Institute membership

Planning officers routinely ignoring the requirements of local plans, little or no enforcement of conditions applied when permission has been granted and the courts throwing out decisions of the council. STEVE WHITESIDE on a litany of shortcomings, and worse, at … Continue reading

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Barratts celebrate latest award for Cane Hill development

Barratt’s Cane Hill Park development, 677 homes built on the 210-acre site around the former mental hospital in Coulsdon that was gifted to the developers by Boris Johnson when he was Mayor of London, has won the “completed development” category … Continue reading

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Hong Kong finance crisis could hit £500m Nestlé Tower scheme

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Work on an ‘iconic’ town centre tower block seems to have been halted, as reports from China suggest the company behind the project may be struggling. By STEVEN DOWNES There are growing fears that another multi-million-pound town … Continue reading

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Kenley developer seeking an up-lift, but not in accessibility

EXCLUSIVE: Our Town Hall correspondent, KEN LEE,  has discovered a not-for-profit developer whose only aim, it appears from documents submitted to the planning department, is to benefit society – thought to be the first such case in Croydon since records … Continue reading

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Labour break Coulsdon promises because ‘We need the money’

Our south of the borough correspondent, PEARL LEE, reports on how the council’s  planning department has broken the land speed record to push through the £1m sale of a site that was earmarked for a community centre The consequences of … Continue reading

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Planning chief wants to give permission to more blocks of flats

As Croydon Tories get their facts wrong (again) and heap praise on the borough’s planners, a council director warns that she wants to green-light more developments. By STEVEN DOWNES Heather Cheesbrough, Croydon’s planning chief, wants the council to grant even … Continue reading

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CEO Lacey quits Brick by Brick; deputy to leave company, too

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The incompetent chief executive and self-proclaimed ‘founder’ of the council-owned building company which bankrupted the borough has announced his departure – but councillors have been kept in the dark. By STEVEN DOWNES Colm Lacey is to leave … Continue reading

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Residents’ meeting agrees to start legal battle with developer

In Upper Norwood, residents are working together to take a profit-hungry property developer to court over what they see as a broken covenant over the land in a road of 1920s-built bungalows and cottages. Neighbours on Downsview Road, off Beulah … Continue reading

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Purley local hits out: ‘It’s always developers before residents’

CROYDON COMMENTARY: This week BRIAN WATSON, a leading member of the Foxley Residents’ Association, vented his frustrations at the inappropriate building works and overdevelopment being allowed in his corner of the borough by writing a letter to the council leader, … Continue reading

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After eight-year wait, Croydon delivers homes on Taberner site

Eight years since the old council offices, Taberner House, that stood on the site, was vacated, and many months later than the council’s chosen developers had planned for the build to be complete, the ribbon was cut this week on … Continue reading

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After billions in regeneration deals, might Bingle eye Croydon?

STEVEN DOWNES on the man behind one of London’s biggest lobbying firms, a former senior figure at ‘the PR firm for despots and rogues’ In Southwark, activists who have been campaigning against a massive transfer of public property over to … Continue reading

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Addiscombe residents express fears over hostel environment

Residents around East Croydon Station are trying to organise concerted opposition to a planning application to convert a family home on Addiscombe Road into a 13-bedroom … yes, 13 … HMO, or home of multiple occupation. Two of the rooms … Continue reading

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Council concedes the end of its retail dream for town centre

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Do you feel ‘fortunate’ that the long-promised, council-backed scheme to regenerate the town centre has flopped? Because that’s the spin that Town Hall chiefs are putting on the collapse of the project and the end of a … Continue reading

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Urgent security review under way after ‘assault’ at Town Hall

EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Senior council officials are conducting an urgent review of security measures at Croydon Town Hall after members of the planning committee were sprayed with fluid from the public gallery at their meeting on Thursday night. No … Continue reading

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