Hundreds attend Good Friday enactment in town centre

The crowd bayed for blood, and they got it in Croydon town centre this morning.

Good FridayThe judge was swayed by the mob’s call for justice, despite there being no crime to justify such a severe punishment as execution nailed to a cross.

The re-enactment in front of an assembly of 300 Christians and assorted shoppers who happened to be passing by the Croydon alms houses on Good Friday morning was certainly a moving one.

The Bishop of Croydon, Bishop Jonathan Clark, giving his words for the first time at the Good Friday re-enactment, spoke of how God stood by us all in times of trial even if he did not provide ready-made solutions to suffering, to the extent of letting his son suffer on the cross.


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2 Responses to Hundreds attend Good Friday enactment in town centre

  1. catswiskas says:

    It was very moving. Thank you to all those concerned in the re-enactment.

    It was very surreal to stand between the busy shoppers in Primark and the shocking crucifiction scene. The actor playing Jesus went through the most horrible ordeal (he must have been freezing out there on the cross).

    I was most relieved to see him thawed out and having a cup of tea in St. Michael’s after the procession.

  2. I am a practising Catholic but I have never taken part in any re-enactment of the Crucifixion. I feel uncomfortable with extreme displays. Good Friday is a day of fasting and silent reflection: we go to church in the evening for the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross Service).

    When I am in Italy on Good Friday, which is not a Bank Holiday, the Via Crucis starts from the church, goes around the town and returns to the church. Households prepare the Stations and the procession stops at each station.

    My home town is in Tuscany. There are, of course, different traditions in other regions.

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