Infant death rates on the rise where incinerators operate

Inside Croydon‘s loyal reader has climbed the 47 storeys of Inside Croydon Towers to shove a copy of this week’s Sutton Guardian through our digital letterbox, with a pink Post-It note stuck on the outside, directing us to the letters page.

Incinerator leafletThere, we find the following letter published from Michael Ryan:

“I wonder whether Viridor recall the article “Viridor accuse objectors of scaremongering” in the Berwickshire News, 20 February 2008?

“That article, which attacked Dr van Steenis and myself started as follows: ‘Claims that infant mortality rates in East Lothian and Berwickshire will soar if a waste combined heat and power incinerator is built at Oxwellmains, near Dunbar, have been described as “scaremongering” and “totally irresponsible” by the company wanting to build the plant’.

“Now that the Sutton Guardian (7 March 2013) has printed my letter about the rising infant death rates in the London Boroughs of Lewisham, Newham, and Tower Hamlets following the start-up of the SELCHP incinerator in 1993, I should be grateful if Viridor would acknowledge that ONS data shows that Dr van Steenis and I were right in 2008 and that the alleged ‘scaremongering’ was ‘truthmongering’.”

Good point well made.

On the matter of “scaremongering”, we wonder whether Mr Ryan is familiar with the Croydon Conservatives’ leaflet, reproduced above, which was distributed in Waddon three years ago, which accused the local Green and Labour parties of scaremongering on the incinerator issue, adding, “…whilst Croydon Conservatives control the council, there will not be an incinerator (or anything similar) in Croydon.”

They then added, in bold italics for extra emphasis: “And that’s a promise.”

And about as reliable as a lasagne made with Romanian “beef”.

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3 Responses to Infant death rates on the rise where incinerators operate

  1. hanger17 says:

    Reblogged this on Time for Action.

  2. britasjo says:

    An incinerator by any other name

    I am a resident of Central Croydon and, living on the 5th floor of a block of flats, am concerned about low flying toxic clouds from any incinerator, or whatever economical with the truth, description its supporters care to give it. This will also apply to prospective occupants of the various high rise high priced apartment blocks in the vicinity.

    Given that the recommended means of being heard in our “democracy” is the voting booth it would be useful for me and others if there were to be a comprehensive list published of those Croydon and Sutton councillors, as well as local MPs who have voted in favour of the incinerator project and include those who have given it their tacit consent.

    Has such a list has been produced and if so could somebody please point concerned readers in the right direction.

    Having spent a large part of my working life in South America and latterly in Spain, and comparing politics there with what I read in Inside Croydon, I am beginning to realise that there is little difference between the politicians and business in any of these places: the scale may be different but the standards are the same. Maybe somebody should copy the example of some enterprising “indignados” in Valencia and organise city tours to show off the borough’s scandalously wasteful and corrupt projects and follies.

  3. Your reference to Romanian beef is unworthy as the abattoir in Romania sold its horse product as horse and it was manufacturers further down the production line that misrepresented it as beef. Not helpful.

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