Toxic teddy bears’ picnic comes to Croydon: Sep 21

SEPTEMBER 10 UPDATE: This event has now been “postponed”.

Frack Free Surrey will be hosting a toxic teddy bears’ tea party in Croydon town centre on Saturday September 21. The event is planned as a way to let Croydon residents know that oil companies are looking to explore for oil and gas in Surrey, and the dangers that could bring.

Coming to a part of Croydon near you? A fracking oil rig

Coming to a part of Croydon near you?

There will be a picnic with tea and biscuits, costumed characters, Frack Off singing, a showing of the anti-fracking documentary film Gaslands (at 11am and 2pm), some Morris dancing (at 1.30pm) and a “die-in” (12.30pm).

There will be an information stall and activists present to answer questions about what fracking is, and why it is such a bad idea.

The event begins at 10.30am and runs until 2pm on Croydon North End, outside Lush, which is supporting the event with practical help and financial assistance to Frack Free Surrey.

Coming to Croydon

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4 Responses to Toxic teddy bears’ picnic comes to Croydon: Sep 21

  1. The trouble with crying wolf too often is that if the beast finally appears, nobody will believe you no matter how loudly you wail.
    There are no plans to prospect for oil in the Croydon area, as far as I know.
    Oh yes, and Croydon hasn’t been in Surrey for nearly 50 years!

  2. There are organisations that believe the world was made is six days; that the earth is flat; and that our universe is the centre of the solar system. Fortunately, most of us don’t take any of them too seriously.
    Having a license and breaking ground are very different things. At the moment, this is a non-story promoted by people with the time and inclination to worry about all the things that might happen.

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