Aunt of Mark Duggan to speak at riots film Croydon screening

Riot for wrongThe aunt of Mark Duggan will be one of the guest speakers at a screening of a film about the 2011 riots to be staged at the Fairfield Halls next month.

Duggan’s death in north London in August 2011 sparked the riots which saw many parts of London, including Croydon, go up in flames.

Carol Duggan will be speaking at a panel discussion which will follow the final showing of the feature-length documentary, Riot from Wrong, in the Arnhem Gallery from 7.30pm on Thursday, December 5. Tickets for the event are free.

The inquest into the death of Mark Duggan continues, with The Voice newspaper reporting yesterday that a new eye-witness had come forward with evidence which supported earlier testimony that said that police had been seen taking a handgun from the mini-cab Duggan had travelled in after the Londoner had been shot.

Armed officers, who have given evidence anonymously, maintain that they saw Duggan holding a gun before they opened fire.

Riot from Wrong was filmed in the aftermath of the 2011 riots by a group of young people who travelled across the country to explore the causes of the unrest. Michael Mansfield, the campaigning lawyer, has described Riot from Wrong as a film that “breaks the mould of conventional perceptions peddled by the mainstream media”.

Mark Duggan, whose shooting led to rioting across London. His aunt, Carol Duggan, will be speaking at the screening of Riot from Wrong on Dec 5

Mark Duggan, whose shooting led to rioting across London. His aunt, Carol Duggan, will be speaking at the screening of Riot from Wrong on Dec 5

Mansfield said: “It opens doors that have remained firmly closed on a generation which feels disenfranchised and disempowered. Made by young people at street level who have access and credibility, not by pontificating pundits. It is set to become an historic and definitive document.”

Croydon was one of the areas worst affected by the riots, and the screening of the film in Croydon has been organised by West Croydon resident Bushra Ahmed, who had to watch as one of her own buildings was razed to the ground on 8/8.

“It troubles me that Croydon has never addressed the issues that caused the riots in the first place,” she said. Ahmed believes that the new £1 billion Hammersfield shopping centre will create “an Emerald City“, but that “in surrounding areas the social issues which caused the riots will still be prevalent. This is why the screening of Riot from Wrong is so important”, she said.

“I am also concerned that young people in Croydon have not been engaged in the town’s regeneration; this just amplifies disenfranchisement. We need to engage our young people, and incorporate their perspectives so that they have a stake in the community.”

Coming to Croydon

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1 Response to Aunt of Mark Duggan to speak at riots film Croydon screening

  1. mraemiller says:

    “Carol Duggan will be speaking”.

    Well, that’s one reason to stay in

    It’s time we stopped letting people like the Duggans of the world twist the media round their little finger.

    I’m sorry he got shot but one grows tired of reading “he was not a saint but…” articles.


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