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The Police and Courts Bill is an assault on basic British liberty

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Boris Johnson’s government is about to change the law to clamp down on peaceful protesting, handing powers to the police that are more Draconian than those used by the Chinese to shut down democracy campaigners in Hong Kong, … Continue reading

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Council having second thoughts over its ‘busybodies’ charter’

WALTER CRONXITE on how attempts to give special powers for the police and private security guards in central Croydon have stalled Five years on from  rioting, arson and looting breaking out in West Croydon, there are signs that the borough’s … Continue reading

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Greenhalgh fronts police public meeting, Surrey Street, Nov 4

The Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC) and the Metropolitan Police Service will be visiting Croydon on November 4 to talk about the progress made against the Police and Crime Plan and hear local people’s views on policing in the … Continue reading

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Croydon Council to honour former police commander who was criticised over Stephen Lawrence racist murder investigation

The Labour leadership on Croydon Council “should be ashamed”, according to a leading black activist, over their decision to award one of the borough’s highest civic honours to a former senior Metropolitan Police officer who was heavily criticised over his conduct … Continue reading

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Police question time, at LNK, Centrale, Sep 17

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Don’t persecute cyclists as they are forced off the roads

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Earlier this week, another cyclist was killed on the roads of south London, this time after a collision involving a local authority dust cart. When it comes to traffic control, KRISTIAN GREGORY, pictured left, believes the police have … Continue reading

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Stopped and searched? Contact new monitoring group

A new group, the Croydon Stop and Search Community Monitoring Group, was formed in May to provide independent oversight of stops and search conducted in the borough. If you wish to get involved or to talk about a grievance you … Continue reading

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Crystal Palace neighbourhood police ask residents for help

The Crystal Palace Triangle Neighbourhood Team is looking for local residents to volunteer to work with their ward panels and in its key individual network. The Triangle Neighbourhood Team was formed in October 2013, and consists of police officers and … Continue reading

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Park Hill Park meet the police session, June 27

The South Croydon Community Association is staging a “Meeting the Police” event in Park Hill Park this Friday, June 27, at 6.30pm. “As part of the ongoing work to improve Park Hill park, we are meeting with the police to … Continue reading

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Police forced to abandon efforts to control East Croydon rave

For the second time in less than three years, last night the Metropolitan Police was forced to abandon a part of central Croydon to an unruly mob, with officers ordered to withdraw from an area that was unsafe for them … Continue reading

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More murders and rapes in what Tories say is “safer borough”

Evening all. WALTER CRONXITE points his flashing blue light at another of the major issues for voters to consider before Thursday’s local elections Issue No3: CRIME THE ISSUE: Unanimity among the political parties on crime: they’re all agin it. Crime … Continue reading

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Youth knife crime: the most vicious of vicious circles

The latest, and probably the most serious, scandal to blight Croydon has been this year’s spate of youth stabbings. SHANIQUA BENJAMIN, pictured, investigates what is driving young people to carry weapons Two teenagers stabbed in the Whitgift Centre.  A 12-year-old … Continue reading

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Palace fans accuse New Addington councillor of persecution

Crystal Palace fans are accusing Tony Pearson, a Croydon councillor who represents New Addington, of conducting a persecution campaign against them and the club, after a favourite match-day pub, the Portmanor on Portland Road, has been threatened with losing its … Continue reading

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Local Tories celebrate crime stats – in a week of five stabbings

And they say that our politicians are out of touch. Someone in Croydon Conservatives – the obnoxious Mario Creatura? The self-serving Dudley Mead? Gormless Steven George? Town Hall enforcer Phil Thomas? Or florid-faced Mike Fisher? … the possibilities are never-ending … Continue reading

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Mitchell-supporting MP calls police when 11 constituents visit

“Sir” Tricky Dicky Ottaway, the Tory MP who dislikes his Croydon South constituency so much he has spent more than 20 years living outside it (nonetheless while making expenses claims for the majority of that time amounting to hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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Aunt of Mark Duggan to speak at riots film Croydon screening

The aunt of Mark Duggan will be one of the guest speakers at a screening of a film about the 2011 riots to be staged at the Fairfield Halls next month. Duggan’s death in north London in August 2011 sparked … Continue reading

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It’s a fair cop: we need more police officers on our streets

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Closing police stations would be fine if London Mayor Boris Johnson really did put the money saved and raised into officers on the streets, says DAVID CALLAM It’s a fair cop, Mr Mayor: time to come clean about … Continue reading

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Would you risk your life reporting serious crime in a Tesco?

Crime figures are certain to fall in the next few years, according to a serving policeman. Why? Because the cross-London cuts proposed by Boris Johnson will make it more difficult than at any time in recent history for the public … Continue reading

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Boris says he’s using riots funding to cover-up police cuts

London Road businesses and residents are to have a massive insult heaped upon the injury that many of them suffered in the Croydon riots last year, with Mayor Boris Johnson admitting that the Riots Recovery Fund he promised the area … Continue reading

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“Misleading and clearly not the case”: Musker speaks out

To have one senior police officer issue a statement refuting a front-page story in a local newspaper must be embarrassing for the paper. But to have two such statements issued within a matter of days ought to be cause for … Continue reading

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Cuts put public at “unnecessary risk” says serving policeman

Swingeing police budget cuts introduced by the government are putting the Croydon public “at unnecessary risk”, Inside Croydon has been told by a serving officer. It is fair to say that the Conservative party has long cherished its reputation as … Continue reading

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Police turn their back on Croydon’s riot review panel

‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, what’s going on ‘ere then? Not a lot as far as police evidence to Croydon’s riots review panel, ANDREW PELLING has discovered Croydon police appear to have opted not to help the borough’s riots review panel with … Continue reading

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