“Croydon’s complete disgrace”: time for clean-up to begin

There can be no misunderstanding of “the challenge” (that’s PRspeak for “work”, or “problem”) facing the incoming Labour council after they have done their funny handshakes and rolled up their trouser legs or whatever it is that they do at the “Mayor Making” at the Town Hall this evening.

This video nasty was posted online this morning by Timothy Godfrey, the Selhurst councillor and a member of the new Labour council cabinet.

“This is the public face of Croydon between Queens Gardens to Fairfield. A complete disgrace,” Godfrey said.

“This has been a running battle by me for last couple of years,” Godfrey said on Twitter. “Basic cleansing not done. Big campaign by new administration.”

Not a moment too soon, as far as Inside Croydon’s loyal reader is concerned.

Our reader sent us these pictures from Thornton Heath yesterday.

Thornton Heath street scene, June 2

Thornton Heath street scene, June 2

And more dumped items in Thornton Heath

And more dumped items in Thornton Heath

“It would be impressive if it wasn’t quite so sad,” our reader offered.

“I think weekly bin collections would help greatly. I see some bins full the day after they’re collected and they won’t be collected for another two weeks.”

We wait and watch with interest.

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12 Responses to “Croydon’s complete disgrace”: time for clean-up to begin

  1. davidcallam says:

    I don’t doubt Tim’s intentions, but I wonder about the terms of the cleaning contract into which his Tory predecessors entered and whether there is any provision for council monitoring.
    As I understand it, the knock-down price for bin collection and street cleaning is conditional upon the contractor monitoring its own performance: Ludicrous? Of course it is, but the council is still cash-strapped and I imagine it will not be keen to increase costs if it can avoid doing so.
    There are likely to be a number of devils in the detail that will prevent Croydon’s Labour council from being as effective as it would like to be.

    • Not so sure about that, David. Right now, we’re paying for this cheap and cheerless contract’s deficiencies by forking out for the costs of cleaning up after flytippers. My neighbour reckons he’s made most unwelcome at the Factory Lane depot when dropping stuff off, simply because he turns up in a white van, rather than by car (which he doesn’t own). There’s probably a lot of flexibility that a well-run council can bring to bear, including identifying those costs externalised by the current contractor, and paid for by mugs like us.

  2. Nick Davies says:

    There’s a handy booklet here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-weekly-rubbish-collections that all the new boys and girls can read. Their predecessors obviously didn’t read it, or did and in true municipal pomp decided they knew better.

  3. As revealed by Inside Croydon, under the Tories, the Council allowed its cleansing contractors, Veolia, to supervise themselves.

    That’s disgraceful.

    It explains why our streets are filthy, and why Veolia’s revenue and profits are so healthy. In February, Industry sources reported a 3.1% rise in the former, while last August, they posted a 28.4% increase in pretax profits for the first half of that financial year. Through our Council Tax, we’re paying them to deliver a contract, yet their failures to honour their side of the bargain can be seen repeatedly on just about every street in this borough.

    Veolia’s website – http://www.veoliaenvironmentalservices.co.uk/London/Services/South-East-London/Croydon/ – says their contract with Croydon council is due for renewal sometime soon. They should be sent packing.

  4. “Rubbish council, being criticised by rubbish MP, being reported by a blogsite with rubbish photos and the rubbish councillor who has now taken responsibility can only take rubbish photographs and not do anything about the rubbish. It’s all rubbish”

    This is what the readers are going to say if you go on about this. The so called responsible people have taken over and let them clean it up. Got elected two weeks ago what are they waiting for? Just ask them to get on with it.

  5. Labour took control of the council yesterday evening Patrick. You have picked up the aggressive tone of the social media Tory trolls that aided Labour in their securing the confidence of voters.

  6. Karen Jewitt says:

    The elections might have been two weeks ago but until the Council AGM last night the Conservative Party were still in charge. This morning a meeting will take place with the new administration leaders and officers. I am sure things will be laid out and work will start on cleaning our streets. One thing we have to keep in mind here, most fly tipping is done by local people, our neighbours and rogue landlords, not all of it goes unnoticed. Take down car/van numbers, call the council, let them know who is doing this. If I see a letter with an address in the rubbish I take note, photograph it with my phone. They need to be found and charged. Local residents need to reclaim their streets, we can do this.

    • east1956 says:

      Karen Jewitt hits the nail on the head.Or is it head on the nail?

      At the heart of the problem it is us that create the mess. Day-in, day-out we as a community put out blacks bags containing half eaten meals, various bits of packaging, etc etc, even if they make it close to a wheelie bin it’s probably overflowing.

      And quite naturally the foxes that abound Croydon get into this source of food and spread it all over the place.
      So in the next morning there is an absolute mess across the street. And how many people get out and clean it up? How many simply wait for the “council” to arrive to sweep the street?

      Until we, the community, all become either embarrassed by the mess we create that we manage our refuse properly, or the council charges / fines us punitively; we will never change. So the choice is ours……

      • Nick Davies says:

        Domestic waste is part of it and must be tackled, but the worst fly tippers are irresponsible “white van” types who decline to pay to dispose of waste at the end of a job. Catching them is of course vital, but is often easier said than done. However householders can help by making sure when accepting that cheap quote that the waste will be disposed of properly; and the council can help by allowing tradespeople to use its tips for a reasonable charge and make sure that such a service is well publicised.

  7. Hi all

    The new Labour Council has been in power 3 days and we have now launched the Don’t Mess With Croydon, Take Pride Campaign. This campaign is designed to make it clear that fly tippers will be caught and prosecuted and that we all have a duty to keep our communities clean. This campaign includes three new trucks/carts patrolling the hotspot areas picking up what they see and reacting to the hotline, e mail and Council app to be officially confirmed on 30/6/2014.

    In the last week we have already cleared several major fly tips from Kenley to Norbury and I am sure Patrick will be delighted we have just issued 5 penalty notices for fly tipping in Broad Green Last night we launched Don’t Mess with Croydon in Pemdevon Road and I am pleased to say members of the public have volunteered to help the Council catch the regular fly tippers.

    Everyone whatever your politics, lets get behind the Don’t Mess with Croydon, Take Pride Campaign. It will take time but we will beat those that think they can mess with Croydon.


    Cllr Stuart Collins

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