Jack Bauer comes to Coulsdon with a drone’s-eye view

The things you find on t’interweb…

Not sure if this is from the CIA, keeping tabs on the violent militants of Coulsdon, or surveyors working on behalf the fracking companies with licences to explore the mineral resources under Farthing Down.

Whatever, it is worth a watch for curiosity value if nothing else, as it offers a fascinating overview of the wonderful public open land to the south of our borough:

In fact, it seems that drones are not the sole preserve of the US Marines or Jack Bauer. This sequence was created by an amateur videographer from www.8dcphotography.co.uk, using something called a “DJI Phantom 2”. If you look closely, you can spot the Shard 14 miles distant at London Bridge.

Anyone spotting any signs of obvious oil reserves, do please drop us a line at the usual address…

Coming to Croydon

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  1. sed30 says:

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    Drones come to Coulsdon!

  2. 8dcphoto says:

    I prefer quad copter to drone, the latter has the ability to unite both daily mail and guardian readers with fear.

    Thanks for the mention though, we live in a beautiful part of the country and I’m glad I can show a different side to Croydon that challenges the stereotype.

  3. 8dcphoto says:

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    Hmm not sure about the Jack Bauer part.

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