UKIP pick Garner as their General Election candidate

UKIP’s members in Croydon South yesterday rejected the questionable political “skills” and charms of Winston McKenzie in favour of a local candidate who has been better known for distributing newspapers, rather than creating headlines for them.

UKIP candidate for Croydon South: Kathleen Garner

The UKIP candidate for Croydon South: Kathleen Garner

Kathleen Garner will stand for the eurosceptic party at the General Election next May. She is already a well-known face in parts of South Croydon, where for many years she would weekly go from door-to-door in all weathers to push the local free paper through her neighbours’ letter boxes.

Garner won the vote in a shortlist of five candidates who included McKenzie and Jeff Bolter, the former policeman who stood for parliament for UKIP in the constituency at the 2010 General Election.

The arch-expenses claimant, “Sir” Tricky Dicky Ottaway , who has never lived in the constituency he has represented since 1992, retained the seat at Westminster for the Conservatives in 2010 with a 15,800-vote majority, beating the LibDems into second place. UKIP’s Bolter won 2,500 votes. Ottaway will retire before the next election, with the local Conservatives having opted for Tory party donor, Chris Philp, to “inherit” one of the safest seats in London.

Garner was the only candidate seeking UKIP selection yesterday who lives in the constituency. She has run in the last four local council elections, back to 2002 for wards in Croydon South. In May, she stood as the sole UKIP candidate in Croham ward where, despite her party leader Nigel Farage promising an “earthquake” in the local elections, she finished seventh, garnering (sorry) 629 votes.

Garner’s hope for 2015 must be to build on the 19,000 votes her party attracted in the constituency in the recent local elections, although according to a source, the decision of the selection meeting has not been welcomed by the local party’s leadership.

“Kathleen will make a limited impact – she is just too quiet,” they said.

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3 Responses to UKIP pick Garner as their General Election candidate

  1. davidcallam says:

    It will be interesting to see whether this Croydon guardian manages to retain her deposit and to dent the Tory vote.

    She is quieter than the buffoon McKenzie, but that is surely an advantage from UKIP’s perspective. The party wouldn’t win in this constituency, not even with Nigel Farage on the ticket, which is why he isn’t standing here.

  2. Robin Taylor says:

    Let’s face it, there is no way that the overwhelmingly white UKIP membership in Croydon South were going to select a black guy as their candidate. In fact it really doesn’t matter who their choice is – their candidate is destined to come 4th both here and in most other seats. UKIP have a rotten track record in UK general elections because the British electorate have an instinctive feel for which parties are fit to govern and which are not.

  3. your coverage of Kathleen says very little if anything about the lady. Is she married? who too? How many children? always lived in Croydon? How children schooled? what was her employment? Wealth, inherited or earnt? & the inevitable How old is she

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