Barwell exposed for broken election promise on expenses

Promises made by politicians before elections should be regarded as about as useful as full-scale model of the starship Enterprise made out of honey.

The MP for the Whitgift Foundation

The MP for the Whitgift Foundation

Take, for instance, the solemn undertakings given by gaffe-prone Gavin Barwell, before he was elected as the Tory MP for Croydon Central in 2010, when the outrage of the MPs’ expenses scandal was still fresh in voters’ minds.

Barwell promised both to publish his diary of engagements, so that his constituents would be able to know what he was doing all-year round, and also to publish in full his MP’s expenses claims, with receipts. Barwell has broken both of those promises this year.

Helpfully, those promises still appear prominently on Barwell’s website, helping to highlight that the MP has failed to keep those undertakings.

Barwell promise 1It is worth remembering that these are not tasks which Barwell has to fulfill painstakingly all by himself: Barwell’s parliamentary and constituency offices are staffed by at least four people (not including the gullible unpaid interns which he is seeking to exploit to help get him re-elected), whose time and efforts are all paid for by the tax-payer. Three of Barwell’s staff now supplement their state earnings with an extra five-figure sum in “allowances” paid to Croydon councillors.

To Barwell’s enduring embarrassment – not to mention a touch of shame for local journalists, including Inside Croydon – he has been caught out breaking these promises by a local fascist, who highlighted on social media that the Tory MP failed to publish his diary for more than three months, and has been equally negligent in keeping his promise over publishing his expenses.

Since being outed as a promise-breaker this week, Barwell has hurriedly posted some expenses claims.

The diary of the busy Croydon Central MP, however, remains tellingly blank.

Barwell diary


Perhaps Barwell really has been doing nothing. Or maybe hes been preoccupied protecting his own career, working hard as a junior government whip ahead of David Cameron’s reshuffle (the carrot of being named Minister for London never amounted to much; so much for politicians’ promises, eh?), and spending an awful lot of his time campaigning for the Tories in Croydon ahead of the local elections.

Barwell was always very good previously about his expenses, dutifully claiming very little over and above his MP’s salary. However, the hurriedly posted expenses claims that have appeared on his site in the past week show that he has reverted to type, claiming refunds for expenditure which is only marginally justifiable.

For instance: £4 for having his constituency office windows cleaned. Isn’t that what he employs Mario Creatura at great public expense to do?


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  1. derekthrower says:

    Inside Croydon always appear to believe in Barwell’s competence and his behaviour is due to malicious oversight.

    Let’s face it, he is not very efficient and doesn’t really care a hoot about such matters of procedure he can get away with.

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