McKenzie’s UKIP branch forced out after manure stunt

Things are a bit shit for UKIP’s Winston McKenzie.

The “Chump from the Dump” has been forced to seek new constituency offices after a pile of horse manure was left outside his UKIP Lambeth and Croydon North’s HQ earlier this month.

After serving up considerable dollops of BS to the public, UKIP had a dollop of real bullshit dumped on its South Norwood office's doorstep

After serving up considerable dollops of BS to the public, UKIP had a dollop of real bullshit dumped on its South Norwood office’s doorstep

This follows UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for Croydon North having his spending of party funds questioned and then getting the dead ‘ump when he heard party members were holding a Christmas party to which he wasn’t invited.

The manure stunt was conducted on World AIDS Day by a group of activists to protest over comments made by Kippers on the issue of HIV. The steaming pile of crap delivered a clear message on the pavement outside “Millennium House”, the property on Station Road, South Norwood, belonging to McKenzie’s branch deputy chairman, Barry Slayford.

“No Shit” Slayford has given his own party notice to quit the building, following police advice that they are unable to keep the peace at the address (which is publicised on the UKIP branch’s own website).

On Monday evening, McKenzie shared the news with his constituency party members in an email:

Dear All,

I have recently been informed by our Deputy Chairman, Barry Slayford, that after careful consideration and advice from the Police, who he informs me have been very specific, Barry Slayford is no longer willing to allow his premises to be used to accommodate UKIP Branch meetings.

Winston McKenzie: he blames Inside Croydon for making him look like an idiot

Winston McKenzie: he blames Inside Croydon for making him look like an idiot

In view of the continued arguments, accusations, disregard for Party Rules and complete disruption by certain members of the Branch, he insists that he has no alternative but to adhere to the advice of Croydon Police.

He assures me that he will email all concerned imminently.

Any Meetings that were scheduled for December are now cancelled with immediate effect.

The matter has been referred to the R.O., Paul Oakley.

On Monday morning I will notify the Party Chairman accordingly.


(Chairman, Lambeth & Croydon North Branch)

We contacted McKenzie.

The “Commonwealth spokesman” for Nigel “Pound Shop Enoch Powell” Farage’s UKIP was reluctant at first to talk to Inside Croydon. “When you wrote about me last time, you made me look like an idiot,” McKenzie said. Though tempted to respond “No shit”, instead we followed boxing etiquette and opted not to hit a man when he’s down.

McKenzie did confirm that his UKIP branch is homeless. “I’m in the process now of looking for new offices,” he said. The manure dumping, McKenzie said, “was the last straw” for Slayford and the office owners.

Pressed on whether UKIP was having to abandon his branch offices on police advice, McKenzie elaborated, “It’s not just police advice,” McKenzie said, “There’s been some disruption within the local party, with a couple of people who continue to disrupt the meetings.”

No mention was made about whether such issues might stem from the branch chairman, who apparently dislikes being portrayed as an idiot…

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  1. Nick Davies says:

    UKIP. The gift that keeps on giving. Winston should be have a column in the Sunday Express. He’d do the lads in Auchtermuchty proud.

  2. Peter Gillman says:

    Nice one Steve – I was laughing out loud!

    All the best – Peter

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