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Barwell’s legacy to Croydon: Tories set for fifth in Euro vote

While the two major parties in Croydon try to behave as if there’s nothing going on, weekend polling ahead of Thursday’s European elections suggests that Labour and Tories are to lose seats in London. Political editor WALTER CRONXITE reports With … Continue reading

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London opinion poll says Tories could regain Croydon Central

WALTER CRONXITE on some worrying numbers for Labour in Croydon Be afraid. Be very afraid. If a General Election was held this week, then this clown (right) would become Croydon Central’s Member of Parliament. That’s according to the latest London-only … Continue reading

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Tories and Labour in late rush to pick Euro election candidates

WALTER CRONXITE, political editor, on the lastminute.com scramble to find candidates willing to stand in European elections next month Both Labour and the Conservative parties are scrambling around frantically for volunteers to stand as candidates in elections neither of them … Continue reading

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UKIP’s Farage failed to act over McKenzie’s homophobic text

Inside Croydon has discovered that Winston McKenzie, UKIP’s most high-profile black member until he resigned last week amid accusations of racism in the party, openly used homophobic language in communication with Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader. McKenzie texted a message … Continue reading

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Snubbed again, McKenzie fails to make UKIP’s first XI

There must be an election coming up: Croydon’s serial political loser, Winston McKenzie, has been on the telly again. Not that his latest incoherent appearance did McKenzie any good, because UKIP managed to snub him over selections as their candidate … Continue reading

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Winston McKenzie’s latest rant does UKIP leader no good

Poor old Winston McKenzie, Croydon’s UKIP “Chump”. He really doesn’t get it, does he? Barely a week after he held on to his General Election deposit thanks to a handful of votes in Croydon North, McKenzie was back on the … Continue reading

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Farage dumps ‘Chump from the Dump’ Winston McKenzie

Is time running out on the joke which passes for the political “career” of the “Chump from the Dump”, Winston McKenzie? The Daily Wail is reporting today that McKenzie has been sacked as UKIP’s “Commonwealth spokesman” by Nigel Farage’s national … Continue reading

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