Sell-Off: The Abolition of the NHS – Stanley Halls, Mar 1

NHS sell-off poster

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3 Responses to Sell-Off: The Abolition of the NHS – Stanley Halls, Mar 1

  1. And the worse thing is SOME doctors will support this because they are in it for the money.Governments have worked like this for ages….find the ones that wil sell themsleves (and to hell with the patients) …put them in as leads (GP practices,Hospital departments or even whole hospitals).How could the public doubt them…actually because they need to trust someone and they are naive,and this is exploited.
    Funny how mental health has reached a crisis that is now public….children in adult wards 200 miles away or psychotic patients in police or prison cells.Well it has been off the political radar for 30 years,and no one noticed as they closed Warlingham (for a gated estate) and closed regional adolescent unit beds.How was it done? top-slice the money back to government,get a small part back to a cut down NHS under strain and allow medical committees to redirect it to anywhere but mental health,with a fig leaf of ” community care”….ah, how we laughed…oh for the “good old days”…..
    Retired shrink who watched it happen….and now plus ca change…..

  2. NHS funding has increased in real terms even while the country is languishing in enormous debts. The NHS desperately needs to be woken up to some market forces. It’s desperately mismanaged and loaded with inept and overpaid staff on gold-plated pensions that the rest of us could only dream of. Why does this website promote such socialist nonsense?

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