Labour leads in London and offers new role for Scots Nats

JOHN BRAGGINS scrolls through the polls, so that you don’t have to. Apparently, we’re bored with debate about Scotland, and Labour are to win most of London’s marginal seats

Croydon ConstituenciesAfter Thursday’s, polls things seem to have settled down with Populus giving Labour 3per cent lead and YouGov poll in London giving Labour most of the marginal seats – including Croydon Central – with Finchley and Golders Green and Bermondsey too close to call.

The big row over Syria and the awful loss of life crossing the Med rumbles on but I can’t help but think it could be a Milband own goal – the polls on Sunday might tell us more.

Finchley and Golders Green continues to be on a knife-edge – Friday’s Evening Standard’s YouGov London poll says it’s too close to call and judging by the poster seen in a window there, doubt and confusion reigns amongst the voters.

Elsewhere the Survation in Thanet South – or Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Sandwich to you and me – shows UKIP well in front and a quick analysis of the tables shows UKIP’s advantage to be down to men over the age of 55 living in Ramsgate. Women, it seems quite like Labour’s Will Scobie and Sandwich is still Tory. There’s £10,000 well spent.

I return to Scotland’s role in the election today firstly on how it is affecting Labour and secondly how it may affect the SNP. As an issue it seems we’ve become bored with it, of all the election issues, health, education, foreign policy the environment it appears we can’t get enough of them, except for Scotland – the only issue that we’ve heard too much about according to YouGov. So maybe we’ll hear more about the things that affect us like the environment, NHS and education over the remaining couple of weeks and less about deals and the end of civilisation as we know it.

What's been discussed too much

For those of us with an interest in politics north of the border Kenny Farquharson writing in yesterday’s Scotsman suggests that any coalition with Labour in the next parliament will see the SNP become a proud UK Party and not an insular Scottish one, making independence much less likely.

Well worth a read, but to save time here is a summary: “If it comes to pass that Ed Miliband becomes prime Minister thanks to SNP support, my instinct is that it makes independence much less likely. In fact, it could cement Scotland’s place within the United Kingdom. Basically it would make the SNP British. The Nats would be a UK political party in a way they have never had to be before, operating on a British political stage.

“They already have policies for the whole of the UK, as their manifesto launch demonstrated this week. Scotland in general, and the SNP in particular, would be handed a starring role at the very heart of the British state. And this would change fundamentally how we see the Nationalists as a political force, and how they see themselves”.

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4 Responses to Labour leads in London and offers new role for Scots Nats

  1. Oh yes this is why when the Labour party leader who visited a Broadgreen church, not a single Tamil was invited. The MP for Lambeth South was selected by Tamil members (won by 3 votes) .If this champagne drinking socialist party can ignore the Tamils I have all the right to say that they don’t like the Tamils in North Croydon.

    Talking about Syria has Ed Milibandwagon forgotten the Iraq war he supported?

    • No one’s said that hypocrisy is uniquely a Tory trait, Patrick.

      But when Croydon Tory members, such as yourself, highlight the inequalities within their own party, and when that same organisation does nothing about overt racism among the group, then a lecture on diversity from Old Etonian Cameron really is a bit rich.

      And Ed Miliband wasn’t even an MP when Tony Bliar took this country into war in Iraq illegally. So get your facts straight.

      • If it is indeed a racist tweet the police should get involved. There are inequalities in both parties. The Labour party is elected into power by BME communities in the North of Croydon and most of London because the naïve immigrants think they are soft on immigration.

        The Conservatives are just beginning to be more diverse and inclusive. These days more rich BME parents send their kids to Eton.

        We should welcome the fact that the Tories are at least trying to be inclusive. It appears that the Labour party doesn’t like the BME community to prosper. They still want us to serve them.

        There are inequalities in both parties because of incompetent people.

        To be honest I don’t believe in all these. If people from the BME communities want to be recognised within the party then they should join the party in big numbers and not sit at home and just complain.

        David Cameron has made a big difference in including everyone from BME (Including Gay, Lesbian and disabled) communities.

        I believe in selecting the best people not because they are from a certain community. Some BME,s may welcome David Cameron’s speech today but I certainly don’t. I really don’t care what colour some one is or what sexual preference one has. All I want is the best person who can do the job.

        Why am I not a Tory councillor? If they think I am good enough let them select me. Sadly those who make the selection are not good enough and that is my view. I don’t think I have not been selected because of my colour. I have not been selected because I am too outspoken and don’t always agree with the party and also I am a good friend of an ex-Tory.

        The same Damien Luke and the same Nero are selected to be in front and shake hands and sometimes speak when Ed Miliband is here and when David Cameron is here.

        This shows that politicians on both sides don’t have a clue about ordinary voters or party activists. Both parties stage manage these events to show BME communities that they care. In my view that is a complete waste of time. Voters are more intelligent than politicians these days.

  2. marzia27 says:

    Sweeping statements without foundation, Patrick.
    In fact, I am not even sure about which point/s you want to make. I note you did not apologise for the slur against Miliband.
    Stop thinking in terms of colour and nationality.
    Also stop thinking about rewards you may get from whatever you do in the Community, not just your Community.
    As a Community worker, I am only interested in the various needs people have.
    I get on with my job and have little time to attend meetings. Indeed I must be very selective in my choices.

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