Barwell’s rubbish campaign looks like it is being swept away

HAS GAV GIVEN UP (Part 94): Inside Croydon is delighted to be able to bring you photographic evidence that Croydon Council’s clean-up of the borough is beginning to show signs of success.

Sighted in Croydon Central this weekend, with the General Election still a fortnight away

At the local council elections last year, Labour was elected to the Town Hall on a promise of clearing our streets of unwanted rubbish, getting rid of the fly-tipping “epidemic” which was going on in our borough, and sweeping away the sort of detritus which lowers the tone of the neighbourhood (not to mention bringing down the value of householders’ properties).

And here’s photographic evidence from the weekend that the council’s campaign is beginning to work.

While the polls look bad for Gavin “Don’t Mention the Tories” Barwell in Croydon Central  ahead of the General Election on May 7, the fact that voters are discarding his expensively acquired garden posts two weeks before voting day may yet come to be symbolic of how his gaffe-prone campaign has gone.

It is not known why the householder opted to discard the banner with a fortnight of the campaign still to run. Inside Croydon has been unable to confirm that they had endured a canvassing visit from Barwell’s gobby fac totum, the Coulsdon Conservative councillor Mario Creatura, although it is generally agreed that such an encounter would normally be enough to persuade anyone to change their allegiance.

It is even suggested that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, was a devoted Aston Villa fan, until he met Creatura on Saturday.

Elsewhere, though, there are other signs that the Labour council’s clean-up is not quite as thorough as it might be.

After all, Croydon’s 70 councillors – Labour and Conservative – have been far too preoccupied over the last month with campaigning for their chosen candidate, and usually in Croydon Central (since the borough’s other two parliamentary seats, Lambeth South and Croydon South, are such foregone conclusions that, whatever way you vote, the outcome will be the same…).

Cleaning up Croydon continues apace

Cleaning up Croydon continues apace

Mere local issues, for which we pay our Council Tax, have been rendered a virtual irrelevance to Croydon’s councillors since they began their door-knocking marathon last month.

Thus, not all residents have been encouraged to recycle their paper waste as might be desired, although in the picture, above left, showing a discarded newsprint edition of the astroturfing website which was launched by Barwell supporters, it is possible that it may have already been put to its primary use: to line the cat’s litter tray.

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