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Labour’s Reed: Tories should drop Creatura over SPAC scandal

The mounting scandal over the cult-like SPAC Nation church should force the Conservative Party to sack Mario Creatura as a General Election candidate. That’s the view of Steve Reed OBE, who will be seeking re-election as the Labour MP for … Continue reading

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‘Don’t call us cult-like’ says cult-like SPAC Nation

A cult-like church group which has been dabbling in right-wing politics says that it objects to being called “cult-like”. The press office of the SPAC Nation has written to Inside Croydon, objecting to the description of their organisation as cult-like, … Continue reading

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Creatura accused of breaking privacy rules over video

The Tory candidate in Croydon Central has been issued with what is effectively a ‘cease and desist’ notice after he featured individuals in a campaign video without seeking their permission. KEN LEE reports Mario Creatura, the oleaginous Conservative candidate who … Continue reading

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Labour election worries: ‘We’re heading for an unholy Buck up’

Jack Buck, the Labour Party employee who last month was at the centre of a candidate selection fix for the Fairfield by-election, has ordered party members in the borough to ignore that scandal and to turn out for canvassing sessions. … Continue reading

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Creatura reported for fly-tipping during his rubbish campaign

Those who suspected that next week’s Fairfield council by-election might turn out to be… well, a bit rubbish, have been proved right. A pile of dumped Tory leaflets were discovered in the town centre last week, slowly turning to mush … Continue reading

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Empty promises and puppet candidates shape Fairfield vote

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, crunches the numbers ahead of the next Croydon polling day Labour look to be on course to win the election. No, not the Christmas General Election which Prime Minister Boris Johnson may or may not … Continue reading

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The Creatura Files (Pt 1): Tories breaking data laws (again)

Political editor WALTER CRONXITE reveals the damning verdict of an official investigation into misuse of Croydon residents’ personal data by Mario Creatura, the Coulsdon Conservative councillor who is so desperate to become an MP that he’s been breaking the law … Continue reading

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