A letter for all Londoners – from Christian Wolmar

CHRISTIAN WOLMAR is seeking selection as Labour’s candidate to be the next Mayor of London. This is his open letter to all Londoners following Thursday’s General Election

Christian Wolmar, centre, canvassing during the General Election campaign:

Christian Wolmar, centre, canvassing during the General Election campaign: “London voted for progress, voted against the Bedroom Tax, voted against non-dom status and swingeing cuts to welfare”

Regardless of how you voted, the election was a shocking result. Not even the Tories anticipated a Conservative majority government. Labour and indeed other smaller parties will have to go away and do some soul-searching about why this happened and what might need to change.

Over the past weeks and months London Labour has run a staggering and inspiring campaign. I would like to pay tribute to the hours and hours our volunteers put in, many of whom I got to know on the doorstep from inner city seats to London’s outer suburbs. They secured the re-election of committed MPs such as Karen Buck and Andy Slaughter, and delivered fabulous wins in Ilford North and Bermondsey. My thoughts go out to those dedicated supporters who fought so valiantly in seats like Finchley and Croydon Central, but were narrowly defeated. And to those in safe Tory seats, who were never going to win but campaigned anyway on the strength of their convictions.

One thing is clear. London voted Labour. London voted for progress, voted against the Bedroom Tax, voted against non-dom status and swingeing cuts to welfare. On the doorstep, canvassing and volunteering with so many, made plain to me the passion and the values that shape this city, and distinguish it electorally from the rest of the country.

We in London have a chance to do things differently. Our devolved system provides a unique opportunity to conduct the kind of politics that serves Londoners, not vested interests. One that acts to solve the city’s real housing crisis, not one that builds houses for overseas millionaires. One that promotes small businesses and enterprise, and fights to deliver a living wage for everyone. One that can set a gold standard of sustainability for the rest of the country to aspire to.

This is why I care so deeply about running for Mayor, and earning the chance to serve.

I’ve not sat in the Commons, but I have dedicated my life to writing and campaigning on social issues. I’ve been campaigning for the Labour nomination since 2012 because I think London deserves better than the tired routine epitomised by the last mayoral campaign. And in the next seven weeks, I will continue to seek your trust and will work hard to convince you that bold ideas and a fresh approach can deliver a better quality of life for Londoners, whether in Zone 1 or Zone 6.

And let’s not forget, Boris is back in the Commons. We’ve got 12 months of a part-time Tory mayor to hammer home the case for change.

Five more years of Tory government. Let’s fight to protect London.

  • Christian Wolmar is an internationally recognised expert on transport, having been a leading journalist on the subject for more than 30 years. He launched his campaign for selection as London Mayor in 2012. In the three years since, he has given well-received talks at nearly 100 meetings, including more half of the capital’s parliamentary constituency Labour parties. For more information, visit WolmarforLondon
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  2. KristianCyc says:

    Christian has been committed to London for decades and committed to the mayoral role for 3 years, doing the grass roots campaigning. His expertise in transport would serve him well as mayor, with ~70% of city hall budget going to TfL. Question is, can Labour vote in a grassroots member who is right for the role over one of the popular party careerists? A tough hurdle to overcome. Good luck Christian.

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