Serwotka calls for resistance to the onslaught of cuts

The people of south London need to “organise resistance” to further Government cuts being imposed in the name of “austerity”, according to a national trades union leader who will be opening the second Croydon Assembly at Ruskin House next Saturday.

Mark Serwotka: opening the Crooydon Assembly

Mark Serwotka: opening the Croydon Assembly next Saturday

Mark Serwotka is the general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union, which represents many civil servants working in the Home Office and other government departments with offices in Croydon.

“With the renewed onslaught of cuts our communities face in the next five years, it is vital that people come together to discuss, share experiences, and organise resistance,” Serwotka said.

“The government will seek to divide us by demonising trade unionists, migrants, young people, benefit claimants, public sector workers and so on. But we must stay united and stand together. The Croydon Assembly is a great example of that unity.”

The afternoon session on future plans will be led off by Labour MP John McDonnell, who has launched a website to intervene in the party’s leadership contest.

“At the moment the choice of a new Labour leader is looking like a glamour contest between a group of candidates with little ideologically to choose between them,” McDonnell said. “Let’s transform this leadership election into a real debate about the future of socialism, our party and our country.”

McDonnell, who also spoke at the inaugural Croydon Assembly last November, said: “With the Government threatening cuts in public services and benefits combined with the wholesale privatisation of the NHS we need bodies like the Croydon Assembly more than ever. The Assembly plays a vitally important role in bringing the local community together to resist these cuts and offer an alternative to austerity policies.”

  • The second Croydon Assembly is being held place at Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Road, Croydon CR0 1BD from 10.30am-4pm next Saturday, June 6. Entry is by donation.
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5 Responses to Serwotka calls for resistance to the onslaught of cuts

  1. I distrust intensley anyone who uses the word ‘privatisation’ in relation to the NHS; particularly someone as well-informed as John McDonald, who knows that the initiative started by a Labour government and continued by the coalition is not ‘privatisation’ in any form, but outsourcing – albeit, in many cases, with an alarming lack of effective public sector oversight.
    Have these lefty wind bags learned nothing from the trouncing they recently received from the electorate? A worse result than Labour suffered in 2010 when led by phone-throwing, bigot-calling Gordon Brown.
    By all means campaign for national and local government to exercise proper control over the management of public assets; Messrs Serwotka and McDonald could start next Saturday with a demand that Croydon’s Labour council introduces an independent inspection regime to oversee its refuse collection services.

    • Why don’t you go along and ask John McDonnell [sic] for yourself?

      But with your final challenge, you hit the nail on the head with outsourcing/privatisation: it was intended supposedly to reduce costs, when in fact, all it has done in the vast majority of instances is to reduce the service performance because there is not adequate checks and controls.

      The notion that we can exist as a society without much of the civilised and civilising public infrastructure built up over the last century – the NHS, schools, our police force and fire brigades, libraries and other local services such as road cleaning and rubbish collection – is of course a nonsense. But the myth of “austerity” has been used by the Tories over the last five years, and now with a vengeance, to impose their Thatcherite dogma.

      • davidcallam says:

        It isn’t the outsourcing that’s reduced standards: it’s the people we allowed to negotiate the deals on behalf of the long-suffering tax-payers; the same kind of self-deluded negotiators who agreed the grossly overpriced CCURV nonsense or many of the PFI deals that are proving so unsustainably expensive

        • There’s a risk of conflating different aspects of mismanagement here. Croydon Council has both failed to supervise the work of its contractors, whether they be the binmen of Veolia or the builders of John Laing, while also getting itself – and us – into long-term hock by borrowing on behalf of Laing’s part of the CCURV “joint partnership”.

          That this £450 million public building contract remains shrouded in secrecy shows what control the chief executive and Borough Solicitor – two of the public servants who got us into the deal – hold over our feeble elected representatives.

  2. “wholesale privatisation of the NHS”. I wonder who started the privatisation of NHS. Nice tie (for a cognac socialist) I mean nice try

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