Temporary camp in Old Coulsdon woods destroyed by fire

What's left of the camp in the woods in Old Coulsdon

What’s left of the camp in the woods in Old Coulsdon after it was burned over the weekend

Barely a week after it was discovered in the woods close to Old Coulsdon, the temporary camp thought to have been set up by a homeless construction worker has been burnt down.

There is no sign of anyone having been hurt, but the shack and much of its contents have been destroyed.

Inside Croydon reported the discovery of the camp in the woods at the end of February. The careful construction and materials used for this temporary encampment indicated that it could well be the temporary home of a construction worker who has been unable to find – or afford – more conventional rented accommodation, and resorted to survival skills as a desperate measure in the middle of the English winter.

“People must be desperate if living in these conditions,” said the Coulsdon resident who found the camp. “Don’t think it’s kids as too well constructed and camouflaged.”

The presence of the camp in the Surrey woodland was known to council officials and the police.

This is the result of a less than picturesque camp fire

This is the result of a less than picturesque camp fire. Photographs by Michael Deacon

It is possible that whoever built the camp destroyed it themselves and has moved on, hopefully to a better standard of accommodation.

Equally, it could be that someone else took it upon themselves to torch the place.

What is without any doubt is that the clean-up job will now fall to Croydon Council.

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