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Neighbours start legal challenge over Brick by Brick ‘bias’

A group of neighbours in South Norwood have started a crowd-funding appeal to raise money to pay for a legal challenge against Croydon council and planning chair Paul Scott over a Brick by Brick development which will overshadow their homes. … Continue reading

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Pollard’s manifesto makes election a question of honesty

ELECTION COUNTDOWN: Four years ago, the Conservatives in Croydon demonstrated their contempt for the electorate by not even bothering with a manifesto. This time round, as political editor WALTER CRONXITE reports, what they have produced is simply not very credible … Continue reading

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Greens challenge Labour on ‘regeneration’ and social housing

The Green Party today heaped more pressure on Labour councils in London – including Croydon – which have opted to sell-off large tracts of public property for private housing, while failing to deliver housing for social rent – or what … Continue reading

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‘Award-winning’ Brick by Brick looking even more wooden

BARRATT HOLMES, our housing correspondent, on the latest pronouncement from Brick by Brick Not content with being a multi-award-winning housing development company which has yet to build a single house (© Alison Butler), Brick by Brick now wants to diversify … Continue reading

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Brick by Brick’s shared ownership flats are far from affordable

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The council has been accused of hiding behind statements that promise “affordable” housing. NIX GLOVER has done some digging to see just how unaffordable such housing can really be Croydon Council say they are building affordable homes, they … Continue reading

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‘Bitcoin mania’ has hit council planning, and it doesn’t work

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The council’s narrative on its housing policy and Brick by Brick is failing to convince an increasing number of residents. Loyal reader CHARLES CALVIN responds to Cllr Paul Scott’s recent explanation of planning decisions Paul Scott citing a … Continue reading

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Council contempt for public in Orwellian Town Hall meeting

Political editor WALTER CRONXITE watched the latest travesty of a council meeting, so you wouldn’t have to Will they never learn? Monday night saw the Town Hall chamber holding the last full meeting of the council before the local elections … Continue reading

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